Giwer, Response to hoessler testimony

[email protected] Daniel Kere wrote:

>Testimony of SS-Obersturmfuehrer Franz Hoessler
>[Quoted in “The Belsen Trial” – Edited by R. Phillips, William Hodge
>and Company, 1949, p. 714-715]
>Everyone in the camp knew about the gas chamber at Auschwitz, but at
>no time did I take part in the selection of prisoners who were to go to
>the gas chambers and then be cremated. Whilst I was there selection of
>prisoners for the gas chambers was done by Dr. Klein, Dr. Mengele and
>other young doctors whose names I do not know. I have attended these
>parades, but my job was merely to keep order. Often women were paraded
>naked in front of the doctors and persons selected by the doctors were
>sent to the gas chamber.

>I made many complaints to Hoess about the way people were being sent to
>the gas chamber, but I was told it was not my business.

>-Danny Keren.

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