Giwer, Request nizkor impruvements

Ken McVay OBC wrote:

“Yup. is a simple 486 Dx25, connected
via 28.8 Kb PPP link. It is barely able to keep up with the
700 to 900 daily visitors it gets now, and our stats
( suggest that we have max’d
our bandwidth.

Mr. Giwer thoughtfully replied:

“Bingo! Exactly what I said. You don’t even have a T1 line.
Am I right or am I right!?!

“You have a primitive piece of shit computer over a phone line
exactly as I said.”

Upon receipt of Mr. Giwer’s polite observations above, Nizkor
took the following action, apologizing for the delays:

1. June 24, 1996: Added Intel-based UNIX mirror in Toronto,
with 128K ISDN bandwidth.
2. July 17, 1996: Added SUN SPARC2 mirror in Toronto, with
T1 bandwidth.
3. August 6, 1996: Added SUN Ultra 170 in Texas, with 128K
ISDN bandwidth, plus RealAudio server and Excite
search engine. The system is equipped with 4.5 gigs of
high speed SCSI disks, a CDROM jukebox and WORM drive.
4. August 6, 1996: Added SUN SPARC5 in Texas, with 128K
ISDN bandwidth. The system is equipped with 4.5 gigs of
fast storage, and a CDROM reader.
5. High-speed German mirror site added in mid-August, 1996

Nizkor notes with satisfaction that Mr. Giwer no longer
complains about Nizkor’s bandwidth or hardware. It would
appear that even the most vulgar of trolls knows when to shut up.

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From: [email protected] (Matt Giwer)
Date: June 17, 1996
Message-ID: <[email protected]>