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>> I have become very curious. Why are not you?
>Please rephrase this question in English so I can try to answer it.

>> And why do you have a problem with my publicizing information that he
>> chose to make public?
>I have NO PROBLEM with publicizing information ONCE. I never HAD a
>problem. Don’t put your disgusting words in MY mouth, Mr. Giwer. I asked
>WHY you were doing it.
>What I *DO* have a problem with is your infantile need to repeat yourself.
>You posted Mr. McVay’s information and no one gave a shit. has given a shit to the tune of over 600 messages in three
mail bombs so far. So please to not day no one as there is the org
owned by the wetwork Mossad type the did give a shit.

>Then you posted it again, and again, sometimes two and three times in a
>single post.

Excuse me, but I have carefully read the rules of this conference and
I have found no problem with that. What is your problem with that?

If you do not want to read a message there is an N key in the middle
of your BM. Stick your finger there as often as necessary.

>That’s just childish and stupid. I had no problem with your making public
>information public. I asked why you did it.

I have reserved the right to post any response I choose to any insult
to me that I perceive in this conference.

>> Please answer the questions.

>I believe I HAVE, which is more than ANYONE can say about YOU, Mr. Giwer.

And besides, now that we know we have a DOD connection with Nizkor, it
is certainly worth pursuing.

Look at it this way. It may be as simple as he is a sysadmin and was
pirating a fixed IP from 1B.

Or Nizkor may be a paid DOD/CIA operation.

In any event, it is no longer the simple altruistic operation it
preteneded to be.

But is it not as interesting as someone posting that Zundelsite has
financial connections to some organization that was not publically
acknowledged? Would not it be of equal interest if CODOH were
financed by The Spotlight?

And then the entry on milnet vanishes but continues
to exist. That it is gone now does not mean it was never there. In
fact the disappearance of the listing coinciding with the first mailbomb is also of interest.

So why are you not interested?

Do you not have a curious bone in your body?

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