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Subject: Re: h*ber lies, h*ber jive, h*ber net abuse
Date: 14 Jul 1996 04:33:25 GMT
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>>alt.revisionism Subject: Khazars …
>>alt.politics.nationalism.white Subject: Khazars…
>>alt.politics.white-power Subject: Khazars…
>>soc.culture.african.american Subject: Jews …
>>alt.conspiracy Subject: Khazars…
>>These groups alone represent 100 separate articles, which
>>could have been posted once, crossposted as 20.

Nitzkor resents the fact that we post on some 32 NG, 17 private BBs and
have extensive mailing lists.

Afraid of trolls??

Deja doesn’t list them all. Nitzkor now has to LOOK for the posts, rather
than have the cross-post information at their stubby little fingers. I
shall in no way make it simple for them.
** AArdvark **
Feeding on the bottom
where the j*ws are