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Burn Him!
Matt Giwer (c) 1994 <6/27>

Alternate titles for this article were “Heresy!” and “31
Million Missing, 12 Million Dead.” This is could also be called
“The Confessions of a Heretic.” What did I do?
For decades I had been listening to the stories of the
Holocaust. I believed them. I had faith. Certainly there was
no question of the 12 million or so who died in concentration
camps and there still is no question of it.
Then I found a correspondent who was in investigator for the
War Crimes Courts after the war. His unit accounted for four
executions, two life imprisonments, and a total of 65 years for
four others. He kept his original notes. His name is in the
Hall of the Righteous in Israel.
He did not mention his name being in the Hall of the
Righteous. I uncovered that while checking out his credentials.
He may be mistaken but he is certainly the last person to lie and
from what he did say it is difficult to imagine how he could
exaggerate and not be a screenwriter for Steven Spielberg.
He has also written and lectured on the subject of the
Holocaust. He was telling me nothing new. Nothing he had not
said for years.
He pointed out that no one was charged with gassing at
Nuremberg and thus obviously no one was convicted of gassing
anyone. He pointed out the Rudolph Hoess, the notorious
Commandant of Auschwitz was never arrested but, after he
surrendered, was kept under house surveillance. He was never
charged at Nuremberg.
After his testimony against his superiors at Nuremberg he
was arrested and turned over to the Russians at the request of
General Rudenko and charged with gassing Russian citizens. After
a two day trial he was acquitted of those charges for failure of
the prosecution to produce evidence there was any gassing. He
was later tried on charges of crimes against the Russian people
and hung.
This was the key to the issue. Here was a man purported to
have written a book between the time of his surrender in 1946 and
his execution in 1947. That book, Commandant of Auschwitz,
amounts to a full confession of gassing. And yet the Russians
acquitted him of that charge for lack of evidence.
Not even asking when he had time to write this book why
would not such a confession lead to a conviction on exactly those
charges? It is obvious it did not exist at the time and what has
been published is a forgery.
My correspondent went further. He heard the first report of
gas chambers. It was brought in by a fellow investigator and
the team immediately flew to a camp outside of Munich to examine
the evidence.
The people reporting the gassing were asked to identify the
building where it occurred. They identified four buildings with
no certainty. None of the four were found suitable for gassing
and one of them was the office of the commandant of the camp. As
he said, they could find no credible evidence of any gas
He pointed out there were attempts to follow up the charges
as a group of Russian officers had reported they found gas
chambers at Auschwitz. However, the Russians refused access to
Auschwitz-Birkenau. And it is noted their own court had thrown
out these reports in the Hoess trial. Thus the evidence from
Auschwitz is not credible.
It turns out that Lenin ordered the construction of a gas
chamber at Auschwitz some years later. Then and only then were
people permitted to view what Lenin ordered to be built. It is
interesting to examine what he ordered constructed.
This is the famous room, the first gas chamber described in
Kommandant of Auschwitz. In the book it was a spontaneous
experiment carried out hardly a month after the infamous Wannasee
Conference is supposed to have ordered the method used. At this
point in my reconsideration of events I was reviewing some
material from people who were already skeptics of gassing.
It turns out this was a rather small room and yet the
description is of at least 700 people being stuffed into it.
This works out to about three people per square foot. And yet
the description of events holds that Nazis in gas masks walked
freely through the room pouring out Zyklon-B pellets. It also
holds the room was prepared by covering glass windows with dirt
— some glass.
On cursory inspection the story is incredible. Yet this is
the story. And if one asks for better evidence? This is where
the heresy comes in.
I have asked for evidence. I have presented all of the
above and more. The response I have received is, “You are
denying the Holocaust.”
I have been asked how people died and I respond they were
worked to death in conditions of no sanitation and no medication
and on starvation level food. That satisfies no one. I have
been told by implication that a quick death by gassing is worse
than a slow death from disease and starvation.
I have have dozens of people literally refuse to respond to
my requests because they know the truth. When I ask them why
they will not post the evidence of that truth they refuse to
Have I denied the Holocaust in anything of the above? Yet
almost every response I have received has been a claim that I
have denied there was any massive death of Jews regardless of the
stipulation I have made up front.
This is an interesting matter of mass psychology. If I were
in the Dark Ages and professed to be a Christian and questioned
the Trinity the cry would be “Heretic” and the well done stake
would not be far behind. In the 20th century I can profess to
believe in the deaths of tens of millions but if I question one
particular means of death the claim is that I have denied all of
the deaths.
Deny the Trinity and deny Christianity.
There is no difference.
Now does anyone fail to understand the fervor of Torquemada
or the entire Inquisition? Any slightest deviation from accepted
dogma, any slightest questioning of one small aspect of dogma is
considered the same as denying EVERYTHING.
Watch the responses to this article if you think there is a
difference. The responses will give you a concrete example of
the Inquisitional mentality as it exists today.

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