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Israeli provokes the end of peace
Matt Giwer (c) 1996 <9/26>

I find no way out of this conclusion. The facts are simple.
Israel opened a tunnel that has been known for decades and has
known for decades that Palestinians would not accept it being
Benjamin Netanyahu campaigned against the peace process. He
campaigned against giving away land and against the lands that
had been given away. His government has knowingly sabotaged the
peace process.
In addition to sabotaging the process Israel has moved into
territories that are independent Palestine and into territories
that are supposed to be self ruled by Palestinians. Clearly,
were the intention other than taking control of these areas the
IDF would only have to control the perimeter and prevent rock
throwing Palestinians from entering Israel. Rather than that,
they have invaded.
They have invaded with tanks and armored personnel carriers.
They have fired into crowds with gatling guns from helicopters.
They have initiated all of the shooting.
On the other hand, Arafat has called for his people to lay
down their arms, Israel has not issued such an order. A peace
seeking leader of Palestinians in Jerusalem was addressing a
crowd calling for peace. When he appeared to be succeeding he
and the people listening to him were attacked by Israeli police
and beaten.
Back to the tunnel. With the approval of Netanyahu (while he
was out of the country) he permitted Jerusalem to open the tunnel
knowing full well that it would cause a violent response from the
Palestinians. To make it official the mayor of Jerusalem
personally got in there with a sledgehammer to help open the
tunnel. That in itself was a clear provocation to the
Palestinians, in fact all Muslims.
That of course was bad enough a provocation. But that was
not enough for the Israeli government. Just to rub it in, the
mayor said that it was done for the purely mercenary purpose of
increasing tourism revenues. It is as though Palestinians had
taken over the Wailing Wall and sold billboard space on it.
Of course it is all a silly, Muslim superstition to think
that the tunnel has any significance. But then it is a similar
superstition to give any value the west wall of some long gone
ruins. What it was was a deliberate disregard of Muslim
religious feelings and beliefs solely to provoke a violent
Palestinian response.
And the purpose of provoking that response was to justify
Israel invading independent Palestine and areas under Palestinian
self rule and to terminate the peace process. With the one
provocation and the insult that it was done purely for money
(deliberately invoking hatred of jews by using the mercenary
stereotype, help I’m a stereotype) was clearly deliberate as no
one who knows the least thing about the area would have expected
anything different.
As this is clearly a deliberate provocation by Israel there
is more than just inciting a few riots and ending the peace
process in mind. The long range objective is clearly to take
back self rule and perhaps abolition of Palestine. But there is
more in the mix.
During the Intifada the only people with arms were small to
medium sized groups with questionable weapons and training.
Today there are 30,000 armed Palestinian police to shoot back.
Thus there is a question of the vulnerability of Israel to
outside military attack in defense of the nation of Palestine.
As that is an obvious risk, Israel has obviously planned to
take advantage of it should it happen. In fact an outside
military attack may be the ultimate objective of the provocation
as they unnecessarily invaded parts of Palestine and self ruled
regions. If I had access to intelligence I would expect to find
that the Israeli Defense Force went to full alert before the
tunnel was opened. And by that I mean their real military units
not just the troops that have moved in to kill Palestinians.
This is another opportunity to expand Israel in addition to
scuttling the peace process.
You may think the above is harsh but if history is any
guideline there are Israelis saying things publically about these
events that make what I have said appear like glowing praise.
But in the US the Israeli apologists appear to be in an uphill
battle to get their act together. It is clear that they first
have to cover the crass mercantile excuse of profits over peace.
On the other hand, in the US pointing out profits over peace
can be portrayed as anti-semitic so the clever strategist can
both insult Muslims and shut off US criticism by declaring it
anti-semitic. And should this slaughter of Palestinians continue
and given the likelihood of Syrian and perhaps Lebanese military
intervention, US support is going to be essential, even though
the US should walk away for it.
Certainly it is going to be difficult for the US to veto UN
condemnation of this deliberate provocation. It is going to be
interesting to see how this progresses. Maybe even a nuclear
exchange in the Middle East instigated by Israel of course. At
that point Iraq can be the saviour of Islam and only a foolish US
would continue to support Israel despite the political liability
at home.

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