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Without Prejudice

– ————-

Note to [email protected]:

I was referred to you by your customer service department,
which, for the record, was both extremely helpful and most
courteous. now I am sure that you are well aware of Mr. Matthias
Giwer ([email protected]). If you are not, then I suggest you
please refer to:

The preceeding URL documents Mr. Giwer’s various abuses of his
many internet connections, including the plethora of abuses
committed via GTE. The purpose for your receiving a copy of this
letter is to place you on notice that Mr. Giwer has committed an
act of libel against my person. Since that libel has occurred
against my person via the Internet, there is precedent to
establish a cause of action in the province of British Columbia,
in Canada, where I am located. Should this behaviour not cease
and desist immediately, I will have no choice to but to forward
a copy of this demand via registered mail, and thereafter
initiate an action against Mr. Giwer, and against GTE. IF you
would like to contact me for further information or to discuss
the matter, you may do so via e-mail; however, I will not be
available to return your e-mail until December 25, 1996.

– ————-

Mr Giwer:

On Sunday December 22 1996 you posted an article to the Usenet,
under a fradulent user-id (in violation of your user agreement
with GTE) – the header of which follows:

From: [email protected] (Up front)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Blackmore–the *real* Blackmore
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 01:26:05 GMT
Organization: any you wish
Lines: 61
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<[email protected]>
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In this article, you made the following assertion:

But this here Raj is the one who did the attack on the ISP
tha carries Zundel’s website. He just does not realize
how close people, including Interpol, are to him at the moment.

Typos aside, this is a very serious accusation, given that the
denial of service attack on Webcom, which does indeed host Mr.
Zundel’s Hate-propaganda website, disrupted service to a very
large group of individuals, and from what I understand, caused
some financial hardship to a number of businesses.

However, your claim is entirely incorrect, and is, in fact, a
lie – one of many that you have spread over the Internet in the
past year. Should you wish to refresh your memory of what those
lies are, I suggest you point your web browser to:

where you will find each and every single one of your lies,
threats (including death threats), attempts at extortion and at
harassment, against various people, documented.

The claim which you made (reproduced above) constitutes libel,
and as such is actionable – not only in Florida where you
currently reside, but in British Columbia as well. I therefore
demand that you cease and desist from making any and all such
claims – now or in the future. Should you fail to do so, I will
have no choice but to take legal action against you.

Please note further that ANY attempt by you to contact me via
e-mail will be automatically bounced to your ISP.

Thank your for your cooperation.

R. K. Gandhi

cc. [email protected]
[email protected]
The Nizkor Project

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