Giwer, Lick my step

[email protected] Hilary Ostrov wrote:

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>>(Ken McVay OBC) said:

>>> “Are you saying that I should have insulting the Jewish
>>> reputation for integrity by saying only Jew and thus
>>> implying that we is observant?” (Matt Giwer)

>>Mr. McVay, I am shocked. Here you are posting “raw” Giwerian without the
>>obligatory translation. Shame! Do you really think everyone in this
>>newsgroup understands Giwerian-Trollish as well as you do? Have a heart,

>Mr. McFee, how could you?! Did you not see the memo that advised that
>Mr. McVay, the world’s foremost expert on Giwerundish, has to date
>been unable to break the code of this particular passage – and that
>until such time as he has met this monumental challenge we are to make
>NO allusion whatsoever to the possibility that there might even be a
>translation. Shame on you, Mr. McFee! How on earth are we to
>maintain the secrecy of our noble conspiracy when there are traitors
>like you amongst us?


Wanna lick my steps, fatbroad?

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Subject: Another gas chamber
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Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 21:52:14 GMT

Guess what? I found a gas chamber in the old Reich. I have also found
powdered cyanide.

“Inside the showerbath [ at Dachau]- the gas vents. On the ceiling- the
dummy shower heads. In
the engineers’ room- the intake and outlet pipes. Push buttons to
control inflow and outtake of
gas. A hand-valve to regulate pressure. Cyanide powder was used to
generate the lethal smoke.
From the gas chamber, the bodies were removed to the crematory. ”
IMT XXX – p.470.

Amazing what you can find if you look around.

And holohuggers are going to believe it.