Giwer, It is true

For those of you not not old enough or with short memories here is the real skinny.

Before 1960 there were no “ethnic groups” in the US. There was only national origin
as in immigrant group.

Some time post 1970 there was a “revision” (always evil) that found there were ethic
groups independent of nation of origin.

There is no more to add. It is a recent invention.

Prior to 1960 anyone claiming there was a segregation by other than national origin
would have been round of town on a rail if possible as they were all Americans. And
national origin meant shit save in cities like New York where it is still the most
obnoxious city in the country.

That is why I have posted that, in light of NYC being 1/3 Jewish, that the media by
simple demographics is 1/3 Jewish and if “The Bell Curve” is correct the staff ia 1/2

The same can go to Hollywood where even the insiders like Marlon Brando can not speak
the truth without a swastika painted on his square of concrete.

For whatever it is worth, what has been posted is true.

Many may revile against it but only because it is true.

Many will post against it beu only because it is true.

It remains true.

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