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>: > [email protected] (Prince Myshkin) writes:
>: > What stories are you talking about? Please be specific in your
>: > response.
>: Shall we name a few:
>: 1. That the allies did not refer to themselves as the “United
>: Nations”;
>: 2. That tape recorders were not available during WWII;
>: 3. That head lice are the vector for typhus;
>: 4. That the IMT convicted and hung defendants for participating in
>: the Katyn Wood massacre;
>: 5. That Oswald Pohl was convicted of “steaming” people to death;
>: 6. That Turkey is part of Europe;
>: 7. That Raoul Wallenberg was a financial contributor to building
>: the Holocaust Museum in Washington;
>: 8. That there were no protests in front of the Cambodian embassy
>: in Washington;
>: 9. That “Miranda rights” were not in use in the miliary justice
>: system prior to the Miranda decision;
>: 10. That the jury system is considered a basic human right by the
>: United Nations . . . .. .
> 11. That Israel has a written constitution;
> 12. That CO2 gas cannot be an acid;
> 13. That burning of coke is a commercial source of HCN;
> 14. That the Nazi boycott of Jewish stores in April 1933 lasted
> only one day. . . .

15. That Ca3(PO4)2 burns.
16. That burning atmospheric nitrogen produces HCN.
17. That human beings are only (.18)(.10) = 1.8% fat.
18. That combustion of the human body is not exothermic.
19. That atmospheric CO2 saturates water so that it cannot
dissolve more CO2 if the partial pressure increase.
20. That the calcium in bones burns.
21. That Mr. McFee is Marduk.
22. That Mueller was not head of the Gestapo.

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