Giwer, Gerstein-sig

The power research department of the Institute for Advanced Holohugger
Exposure has swung into action.

1) Quotes 15,000 per day for Belzec, 20,000 per day for Sobibor, 25,000
per day for Treblinka.

But perhaps they took the weekends off to get the average down to
today’s slightly less absurd numbers.

2) Claims that Hitler and Himmler were at Majdanek (Lublin) on 15
August1942. Hitler is supposed to have said: “Quicker, quicker, carry
out the whole program!” Globocnik goes into his speech about sinking
bronze tablets into the ground commemorating the deed, and Hitler says,
“Yes, my good Globocnik, that is the word, that is my opinion, too.”

Which is quite an incriminating statement by Hitler. Maybe it was one
of his doubles because he was never near the place.

3) On August 18, 1942, a train arrives at Belzec, 45 train cars with
6,700 people, of whom 1,450 are already dead.

Although not as bad as the packing factor below still pretty good.

4) The hair of the women is put into huge potatobags for “special
submarine equipment, doormats, etc.”

Looks like these witnesses all had a hair fetish.

5) Completely naked they march by, men, women, girls, babies,
even one-legged persons, completely naked. in Augst.

Perhaps it was the handicapped drill team from Lublin. But wait there’s

Meanwhile, the rest of the transport, all naked, wait. Somebody
says to me, “Naked in winter! But they can die that way!”

The weather appears to be quite changeable in Poland.

6) 7-800 crushed together on 25 square meters, in 45 cubic

Lets give him the benefit of the doubt here and use 700. That means the
human body fits in a 0.06 meter cube. For the part of the world that
matters, that is a cube 15.8 inches on a side. Does, “not even if
reduced to liquid” mean anything to anyone?

Of course he might have just been trying to say that there were 28
people per square meter and that the roof was high enough that they
could form five high human pyramids.

7) The diesel engine fails to start. It takes 2 hours and 49 minutes,
according to Gerstein, who is using a stopwatch. Then it starts and it
takes 32 minutes to kill the people in the chamber.

And the famous story of how all of these people died, not from lack of
oxygen after 2 hours and 49 minutes in a sealed room, but from diesel

8) The figures announced by the BBC are inaccurate. Actually,
about 25 million persons were killed: not only Jews, however but
especially Poles and Czechoslovakians, too, who were in the opinion of
the Nazis bad stock.

It appears the holocausters are ignoring many more than the remaining 6
million, but rather the remaining 19 million victims.

9) at Treblinka There were 8 gas chanbers and whole mountains of
clothes and underwear about 35 -40 meters high

Sounds like Mt. Trashmore to me. Lets see between 115 and 130 foot high
piles of clothing and underwear. Although the underwear would account
for the smell it is unclear how those Polish spies missed this.

10) Gerstein claims that the worst camps were Auschwitz and Mauthausen,
where These are the places where millions of people disappeared
in gas chambers or gas chamber like cars. The method of killing the
children was to hold a tampon with prussic acid under the nose.

A tampon with prussic acid. It appears this boy had more than a hair