Giwer foul stench

On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Matt Giwer wrote:

> >Giwer is demonstrably a holocaust revisionist infiltrating this list, and
> >as such his some of postings violate our charter. Can the moderators
> >refuse to post his revisionist propaganda, while leaving him free to post
> >misinformation on other topics? That would leave his speech rights and
> >our charter both intact. Comments?
> Is there a problem with considering revisionism an alternate history?
> At least there appear to be enough people here that know history to be
> able to separate revisionism from what really happened. Not so?

Matt Giwer’s meanderings are chock full of two scoops of bullshit,
just like Kellog’s Raisin Bran. It has been well documented what foul
stench you slip into the arena. I don’t see a dark agenda of revanchist
nitwits when discussing the impact of the USS Nimitz in 1941, what the
Mongels would or would not have done in their heyday, nor the consequences
of Stanley Goodboddy, timetraveler at large leaving behind a candy bar
wrapper 600 million years ago.

I’m glad that the Allies beat the pulp out of the Nazis, and strung
up some of ’em. My regret is that Hitler didn’t get tried and executed.

Matt Giwer is deliberately trolling to plant the seeds of doubt and
cloud the clarity of the collective memories of humanity. Matt Giwer is
attempting to find a new home after his old haunts grew tired of sweetly
formed conclusions of Nazi innocence with a few disparate facts while
ignoring the huge body (and the dead bodies) of the Second World War era.

Jeffrey W Evans

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