Giwer, Extortion threats

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Ken McVay OBC wrote:

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>>In article <[email protected]>, [email protected]
>>(Matt Giwer) wrote:

> “Someone pass the word to this slimey bastard mongoloid to
> stop harrassing my parents.”

>>”He who makes a claim bears the responsibility of supporting it.” (Matt Giwer)
>>”Never debate, only attack.” (Matt Giwer)

>>If you think Ken McVay is harassing your parents, PROVE IT.

>Mr. Giwer does not prove things – he just spouts off with that mouth of
>his, without regard for the truth. He’s a troll – that’s all he knows
>how to do.

>>If not, retract it.

>Mr. Giwer retracts nothing – rather than simply desiring to be known as a
>liar and buffoon, he prefers to be known as a liar, buffoon, and coward.

>>Can your genius IQ understand that>?

>Clearly, no. (Which simply suggests that Mr. Giwer has lied about his
>”IQ” value, too.)

>Mr. Giwer has hearsay evidence that someone claiming to be me called his
>”parents,” who may or may not exist.

>Mr. Giwer has hearsay evidence that two telephone numbers were left with
>these “parents,” neither of which is mine, or, for that matter, remotely
>close to mine.

>Mr. Giwer has the Mathes declaration that Mathes made a call to these
>parents and pretended to be me.

>Using Mr. Giwer’s own standards of evidence as they relate to the
>Holocaust, we can conclude several things:

>1. The parents do not exist. Mr. Giwer already knows this.
>2. The telephone numbers are fraudulent, since the two accounts given
> of the so-called number are not the same. Mr. Giwer already
> knows this.
>3. Mr. Giwer, personally, lied about the phone numbers, since
> it was Mr. Giwer that changed them. Mr. Giwer, having
> changed the number and tried to pawn it off as “genuine,”
> already knows this.
>4. Mr. Mathes cannot exist, because the parents cannot exist,
> therefore Mr. Mathes, if he _did_ exist, was lying. Mr.
> Giwer knows this already.
>5. Since no parents exist, Mr. Giwer does not exist. But Mr.
> Giwer already knows this, for he is not Mr. Giwer, but a troll.

>Alas, Mr. Giwer’s “standards of evidence” are utterly worthless, just
>like 95% of everything he writes here.

>Perhaps that is why Mr. Giwer is so afraid to address the rather sticky
>issue of Dresden… his “evidence” is worthless, by his own

>Perhaps that is why Mr. Giwer is so afraid to address his creation of the
>non-existent “Cambodian Embassy” he claims to have seen during the Khmer
>Rouge period.

>Perhaps that is why the giwerdly troll is afraid of having his writing
>archived, not only on Nizkor.Org, but DejaNews as well. He knows how often
>he offers up these whoppers as “true truths,” and he knows how easy it
>is to expose him for the fraud he is. How fitting that he writes for
>zundelspams and the IHR, how utterly fitting.

>Those of you without UNIX KILL files will have to be content with
>simply deleting his articles, rather than enjoying the luxury of having
>UNIX do it for you.

>Mr. Giwer is, as far as I can determine, a troller whose only
>interest is in causing fights. While he can sound superficially
>plausible, he has lied about what has been said in exchanges (while
>accusing others of lying), refused to document claims, pretended not to
>see posts which contain documented refutation of his claims (even when
>they have been emailed to him), engaged in actual libel, and generally
>conducted himself with such complete lack of intellectual and factual
>integrity that there seems to be no point in taking the time to read and
>respond. For detailed and documented evidence of this, please refer to

>Followups to Giwer trolls should be redirected to Mr. Giwer’s
>special newsgroup, alt.bonehead.matt-giwer, where they will be
>appropriately ignored.

>(I’ll see you in Tampa, Sara, and Giwer’s bank account will buy you
>a Guinness….if, that is, the man follows his mouth into court. Don’t
>hold your breath – the pattern says he hasn’t the courage to face anyone
>under oath, let alone anyone armed with thousands of Giwerundian tomes.)

>But Mr. Giwer already knows that….

>Nizkor Canada |
Prince Myshkin’s Troll Bait Sold Here

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McVay is a known liar by his own keystrokes.

He is not now nor was he ever a US Marine.

US Marines uphold honor before all else.

McVay is a Queen’s Marine. They are malleable and have no honor as McVay has

McVay is slime of the earth. To claim to be a Marine in any country’s service
denigrates the country he claims.

What country would in fact have a person like this as a Marine save as a short
term private who never saw combat.

But as I said, I can probably raise half the US marines to deal with this
asshole and with a little more effort I can possibly raise half the dead
Marines to deal with him.

McVay has fostered harrassment upon fellow Marines and as such he is no longer
a Marine in the US sense.

McVay had NEVER spoken out against this and slimey bastard is too
complimentary for him.

McVay has NEVER condemned the harrassment of my parents nor the people who are
doing it. As such he stands condemned. May god have mercy upon his soul.

From: [email protected] (Matt Giwer)
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On 22 Jul 1996 10:56:22 -0400, [email protected] (Michael P. Stein)

>In article <[email protected]>,
>Matt Giwer wrote:
>>On 21 Jul 1996 08:08 MST,
>>[email protected] (Danny Mittleman) wrote:
>>>In article <[email protected]>,
>>>[email protected] (Matt Giwer) writes…
>>>>McVay, Kenneth (KM1343) [email protected]

>>>> Should anyone be interested for any purpose whatsoever.
>>> Thanks. I was wondering where to send that Nizkor contribution cheque.
>> It is called WHOIS you stupid shit. If you do not like my making
>>it available raise hell with NIC for their making it available.

> Perhaps I should have posted your parents’ full address and phone
>number. After all, it too is publicly available if you know the right web
>site. Would it bother you if I did that? After all, it would not be my
>fault since I am only making available what others have already made

> For any purpose whatsoever.

That would not be a pleasant thing for you to do. In fact were anything to
happen to them because of that, it might in fact be the last thing you ever
do. I hope that is clear.

Your fate will be dependent upon the consequences of your actions.

I have in mind revealing holohuggers for what they are to the media and you in
particular. That should set you terrorists back a bit.

What should be a civilized discussion in a single newsgroup becomes the basis
for exactly the kind of terrorism holohuggers claim they risk but never

Your professed martyrdom is amusing but not believed in the least.


>> Why do I always find myself among such ignorant amateurs?

> Stop looking in your bathroom mirror. Still wondering about that
>gopher mail from Israel, ignorant amateur? It did not take root access
>though you were ignorant enough to think so.

Now that was really clever.

Rather as to the gopher mail, the acceptance that it in fact happened while I
played dumb, supports you holohugging bastards being the slime you are. You
folks are slime, the slime of the earth. Not worthy to consider yourselves
human. It is good that you took to opportunity to admit it.

>>But you can not send it there. As last reported he has no tax exempt

> So you are saying that only what is reported here is true and remains
>true until something different is reported here.

It is true that a) contributions were being solicited and b) at the time of
the solicitation there was no tax exempt status. AG reports that is criminal.
Next question.

Is Nizkor tax exempt now? If not, the solicitation is still illegal under
Canadian law.

>>and no contributions can be passed to a person without tax exempt
>>status by any organization.

> Somebody had better tell the Salvation Army that their soup kitchen is
>illegal. I seriously doubt those homeless people have tax-exempt status.

The Sallies are tax exempt. Nizkor WAS NOT at the time time soliciation. So
far as is know, Nizkor is still not tax exempt making the solicitation

Why do I not report this?

1) Canadians can deal with their own law

2) The longer it continues the greater the penalties

> If Matt would only get some facts before flapping his fingers he might
>be able to make a contribution here. But he’d be far less entertaining.

Is Nizkor currently tax exempt? What is their number?