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Matt Giwer writes…

>On 22 Jul 1996 10:56:22 -0400, [email protected] (Michael P. Stein)
>> Perhaps I should have posted your parents’ full address and phone
>>number. After all, it too is publicly available if you know the right web
>>site. Would it bother you if I did that? After all, it would not be my
>>fault since I am only making available what others have already made
>> For any purpose whatsoever.
> That would not be a pleasant thing for you to do. In fact were anything to
>happen to them because of that, it might in fact be the last thing you ever
>do. I hope that is clear.

It sounds to me like a death threat. The federal authorities
considering extortion charges against you, Matty, probably won’t
consider death threats highly in your favor.

> Your fate will be dependent upon the consequences of your actions.

Uh huh. Tell it to the jury.

> I have in mind revealing holohuggers for what they are to the media and you in
>particular. That should set you terrorists back a bit.

Please do. I’d be amused.

> What should be a civilized discussion in a single newsgroup becomes the basis
>for exactly the kind of terrorism holohuggers claim they risk but never

Right. Didn’t this all begin when you posted Ken McVay’s address?

> Your professed martyrdom is amusing but not believed in the least.

Can you say “projection”?

[tax law fantasies deleted]

daniel david mittleman
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