Giwer, Etnic

[email protected] Doc Benway writes:

After quoting Mr. Edeiken’s post, Matt adds:

[this one is number 145,871 on my system]

# Wadda fuckin kike ethnic!!!

In the previous post (145,870), it was

# Da widdle ethnic whines again.
# whadda fuckin’ kike!!!!

And in the one before that (145,869), it was

# Da po widdle intimidated etnic posts again. What a lying
# kike, jew shyster.

Matt posts dozens of messages like these, every day. He copies
someone’s article, adds a line or two like the ones above, and posts.

This is indeed “Holocaust revisionism” at its best. Matt is
truly a “leading revisionist scholar”.

-Danny Keren.

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From: [email protected] (Doc Tor)
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On 28 Dec 1996 00:35:25 GMT, [email protected] (Yale F. Edeiken) wrote:

>> the Criminal Giwer backtacks again:
>> On 25 Dec 1996 02:20:06 GMT, [email protected] (Yale F. Edeiken) wrote:
>> >> [email protected] the Criminal Giwer’s Reading Comprehension Fails again:
>> >> On Tue, 24 Dec 1996 12:25:57 GMT, [email protected] (Daniel Keren)
>> >> wrote:
>> >> Actually it is about a kike shyster who has stated that he is an
>> >> intimidated ethnic. Those were its words, not mine.
>> > Actually it is about the criminal Giwer whose misdemeanor was bumped a
>> >grade because of a statute entitled “Ethnic Intimidation.”
>> There is also a crime called murder. There is no crime unless
>> there is a murder. There is no crime of ethnic intimidation unless
>> there is an intimidated ethnic.
> Bzzzt. Wrong. read the statute. First actual intimidation need not be
>shown. Second, it is not a crime per se but only an enhancement of penalty.

Da po widda etnic now claims there can be a crime without a crime.
Wadda lyin kike shyster.

>> > The criminal Giwer will be asked to provide the jury with an actual
>> >reference that states what he claims it states.
>> The lying kike shyster will have to prove it is both an ethnic and
>> was intimidated. Its testimony as to it being intimidated by
>> phosphors on a monitor will be most amusing and posted here for all to
>> read.
> No. All I will have to prove are the elements of the statute. It was
>posted and is very clear.

Po widdle intimidated etnic. Who is it whining to now? Not the
police, not the prosecutor. If he did that he would be liable to
charges of perjury. So it makes hundreds of calls to ISPs harrassing
them to do its widdle kike will.

Wadda kike. Just like them all. Liars to their kike core.

— Doc Tor

If history has taught us anything it is that history will be revised.

Revisionists are sneaky bastards, always relying on facts and figures.