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>> >> I am talking about the revered written history of the Jewish
>people who
>> >> have the first recorded acts of genocide in human history.
>> >Please provide evidence that this is part of Jewish history.
>> >Please connect this to your claim that Jews aren’t really descendents of
>> >the Hebrews but are Khazars.
>> >Please try to use logic.
>> The problem with the holohuggers is that all things are true at
>the same
>> time and any disagreement with each other is on the order of being done
>> for show rather than in fact.

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>> >[email protected] (Matt Giwer) writes:
>> ># It is amusing to note that so few have read their bibles to
>> ># realize that the Israelites have the first written record of
>> ># genocide in human history.
>> >So, now you’re saying that documents do count as evidence?
>> I said they were the first written records as you can plainly
>read. It
>> is still up in the air as to what if anything in those writing actually
>> occurred.
>Well, that’s saying just about less than anything, isn’t it Matt?
>If you’re not asserting anything about events, why even open your pie-hole?