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>Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,soc.history,alt.bonehead.matt-giwer
>Subject: Eight Questions Matt Giwer won’t answer (Round 6)
>Summary: A collection of some of Matt Giwer’s best examples
> of the Holocaust denial mindset, with accompanying
> questions that he refuses to answer.
>Archive/File: people/g/giwer.matt/giwer-10q
>Last-Modified: 1996/07/17
>”He who makes a claim bears the responsibility
> of supporting it.” (Matt Giwer)
>Question 1 [February 1996]
> Mr. Giwer, during the course of discussions in February, 1996,
> in which you performed some truly amazing mental gymnastics in
> a futile attempt to confuse everyone, you made the following
> statement:
> Perhaps he is in league with the revisionists at Yad Vashem
> who reduced the official number from 6 million to a bit over
> 3 million. (Giwer, The 4-Million)
> In subsequent follow-up articles on the same general topic,
> that is, the number of Jewish victims to the Holocaust, you
> were repeatedly asked to support this claim with
> documentation. You have not, and will not, do this, since
> the statement you made is an outright lie; however, for the
> record, Mr. Giwer, when will you produce documentation,
> from Yad Vashem, in support of your assertion?
>Question 2 [February 1996]
> Also, in February of 1996, you claimed that since the United Nations
> did not come into existence until 1945 that reference to the United
> Nations could not have occured in 1944:
> In August 1944 (fourty FOUR) how could the United Nations have
> regarded him as anything when it would not even come into existence
> until 15 months later? (Giwer, Re: Jewish Census)
> Are you now prepared to retract that question in light of the fact
> that you have been presented evidence that term “United Nations” was
> used as early as 1942?
>Question 3 [February 1996]
> On February 7, 1996 you made the following comment in reference to
> the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge:
> I was paying attention at the time and not once did I notice any
> Jewish group protesting ouside of the Cambodian Embassy and I was
> living in the DC area at the time, Fairfax County, Virginia to be
> specific. (Giwer, Re: INTERNET FREE SPEECH WEB SITE ! (this
> one’s not a troll))
> Could you please specify the location of the Cambodian embassy to the
> United States at the time of the Khmer Rouge. After you discover that
> you are unable to do this, will you instead explain why you lied?
>Question 4 [February 1996]
> On February 22, 1996 you made some rather interesting comments on the
> production of “HCN” from burning atmospheric nitrogen:
> It appears you are unaware the CN is a by product of incomplete
> combustion. You see, you take a carbon based fuel and air which
> contains more nitrogen than oxygen and also supports combustion but
> at a higher temperature and you get a fractional production of CN
> as well as CO and a mess of other things. With enough oxygen and
> good design you will get all CO2 as the result. And of course if
> you have ever paying any attention to the causes of smog you know one
> of them nitrogen compounds emitted as gases. Do you think there is
> some way to prevent carbon from being included among those compounds?
> Of course there is a resident chemist here to confirm or deny this so
> lets wait for his commentary.
> …
> Yes, Virginia, there is nitrogen in the atomsphere and yes , Virginia,
> it does burn. (Giwer, Re: Open Gallon of Paint – paint one door –
> throw the rest away)
> Since you are a qualified chemist, perhaps you can explain how
> burning nitrogen results in reducing it rather than oxidizing it.
> Yes, we know that in fuel lean conditions that N2 is oxidized to NO and
> NO2 and that these species are an important component of photochemical
> smog. Yes, we agree that it is possible under fuel rich conditions that
> coal containing nitrogen could produce some uncombusted cyanides.
> The part that’s really difficult to understand is how atmospheric N2
> enters into the production of cyanides. Please be so kind as to
> explain.
>Question 5
> You have asserted that eyewitnesses to gassings have noted that
> the victims took “tens of minutes” to die, and you claim that
> this assertion contradicts your other assertion that Zyklon B
> would have killed them more quickly.
> Here is the relevant excerpt from what you wrote:
> For a moment there I thought had a way to salvage those stories
> that talk about the screaming going on for tens of minutes.
> After a few minutes there was silence. After some time had
> passed, it may have been ten to fifteen minutes, the gas
> chamber was opened.
> Note the ten to fifteen minutes. (Giwer, Re: the mechanism of
> hydrogen cyanide inhalation poisoning)
> Mr. Giwer, does the “ten to fifteen minutes” in the text you
> quoted (See URL
> refer to the time that the screaming went on — i.e. before
> the silence — or does it refer to something else?
> If it refers to something else, do you still stand by your
> statement that:
> …I am the only one who has read what people keep saying I
> should read. (Ibid.)
>Question Six [June 1996]
> You have written, of late, the following comments regarding
> the number of Holocaust victims:
> 6,000,000 are a tragedy, the other 6,000,000 a footnote.
> and …
> To the Holocaust museum folks the other 6 million are
> the footnote.
> Daniel Mittleman responded to these comments with the
> following:
> “Below … is the Mission Statement of the Holocaust Museum.
> (
> Please note in particular the second paragraph. The reader can
> determine for himself whether or not Mr. Giwer’s charge that
> ‘the other six million are a footnote’ is accurate:
> “Mission Statement
> The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is America’s
> national institution for the documentation, study, and
> interpretation of Holocaust history, and serves as this
> country’s memorial to the millions of people murdered during
> the Holocaust.
> The Holocaust was the state-sponsored, systematic persecution
> and annihilation of European Jewry by Nazi Germany and its
> collaborators between 1933 and 1945. Jews were the primary
> victims — six million were murdered; Gypsies, the handicapped,
> and Poles were also targeted for destruction or decimation for
> racial, ethnic, or national reasons. Millions more, including
> homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Soviet prisoners of war, and
> political dissidents also suffered grievous oppression and
> death under Nazi tyranny.” (Mittleman, Both Sides)
> Mr. Giwer, please explain why you lied about the United States
> Holocaust Memorial Museum’s purpose and viewpoint.
>Question Seven
> On June 15, 1996, you stated that:
> “In the process of burning the two bones most likely
> to be left are the pelvis and the skull. (Giwer, Dem bones,
> dem bones, dem dry bones)
> In response to subsequent questioning about the truth of this
> statement, you have made some claims about the human skeleton
> which, if true, would set the science of human skeletal biology
> on its ear, bones and all.
> In reply to a poster who asked you how many bones there are in
> the human skull and pelvis, you wrote:
> “The skull, two in an adult, counting the jaw, discounting
> the six small bones in the ear. The pelvis, one. (Giwer;
> Re: Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones; June 16, 1996)
> When questioned about the accuracy of your answer by a poster
> who pointed out that the skull consists of several bones,
> you replied:
> “You are talking about the skull of a child before the
> skull is fused. (Giwer; Re: Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry
> bones; June 18, 1996)
> In response to this, another poster repeatedly asked you what
> degree of closure (or fusion, if you prefer) there is in the
> lambdoidal, sagittal and coronal sutures of the human cranium,
> on average, by age 35. She pointed out that these are the major
> sutures of the cranial vault (skull), and cited human skeletal
> anatomy texts in which the answer could be found.
> Your final statement related to this matter was reiteration of
> your original claim:
> “The fact remains that the pelvis and the skull are the bones
> most likely to survive any form of cremation and the skull is
> never mentioned by those so-called eyewitnesses. (Giwer; Re:
> Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones; June 22, 1996)
> As a qualified scientist perhaps you would answer the question
> about when and how completely the different bones of the skull
> fuse together. We know that in normal burial, the adult skull
> remains intact. But we also know that the skull consists of a
> number of bones, and that fusion of these different bones into
> a single mass remains incomplete well into adulthood. Please
> address the question related to closure and then explain why you
> think that after cremation, intact skulls should have been
> recovered and easily identified among the ashes removed from
> crematoria.
>Question Eight
> On July 10, 1996, you included the following assertion in
> an article which you published in alt.revisionism:
> “McVay is a self aggrandizing fool who permits hired
> underlings to speak for him while he refuses to speak
> for himself.” (Giwer, Re: Who would be Gannon?)
> Please identify these “hired underlings” or admit that you
> lied, apologize, and retract the statement.
>For Work Cited, see
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