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>Rich Graves:
>>>What if I tell you now that it has been determined by official sources
>>>checking out this economic sabotage that the attack came out of a small
>>>college located in the small city of Nanaimo on the small Island of
>>>Vancouver – which is also the headquarters (read “P.O. Box”) of Nizkor and
>>>its dedicated computer volunteer force?
>>This is untrue. What’s your “official source”? BC.Net does indeed have its
>>headquarters on “the small Island of Vancouver” — which is somewhat akin
>>to saying “the small island of Manhattan” — but I haven’t seen “Nanaimo”
>>mentioned. The responsible account was cracked over the Internet. As you
>>are probably aware, the Internet is a global network. It remains to be
>>proven that the SYN attack, which could have been mounted from anywhere
>>but which was, indeed, mounted from BC.Net, had anything whatever to do
>>with your web site, but if it did, it would seem odd to me that of all the
>>sites on the Internet, the attacker would choose to frame one in
>The attack was traced to an “unsecure Linux” box at Malaspina
>College, which has a campus in Nanaimo. BC.Net, on the other hand,
>is headquartered in Vancouver, which is not on the Island.
>>>The Nizkor web page is dedicated to rebutting Zundel’s views.
>>This is untrue. It’s dedicated to historical truth and the victims of Nazi
>>genocide. Nizkor was around years before you were.
>It certainly was, and Nizkor was on the web before the web version
>of ZundelSell came down the pike.

The Nizbeggers are out in force rather early.

But then the cowardly McVay turned and bravely ran away, just like
the synagogue front he really is.

He runs on behalf of all the jews at the synagogue.

What a wimp.

If history has taught us anything it is that history will be revised.

Revisionists are sneaky bastards, always relying on facts and figures.

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