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The most famous horde of Nazi gold captured in the Second
World War may have come from
melted down
teeth fillings, according to a previously secret U.S. government
document made
public on Wednesday.

The document, a 1946 letter from a diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in
Paris to the
secretary of state, refers to 8,307 gold bars found in April 1945 by
soldiers in a salt mine near Merkers, Germany, along with other gold,
gold wedding rings, cash and 400 Old Master paintings.

The treasures stashed at Merkers were sent there by Nazi propaganda
chief Joseph
Goebbels, who wanted to keep the contents of the German Reichsbank and
National Gallery artworks from Soviet troops advancing on the German

The document was found by researchers for the New York-based World
Congress in the U.S. National Archives and turned over to the Senate
Committee headed by New York Republican Alfonse D’Amato, which has
whether the looted assets of Holocaust victims were still in Swiss

“We are filled with horror over the document’s content but feel
compelled to
release it by the demands of history and justice. It is just a
document,” said Elan Steinberg, the WJC’s executive director, of the
written by U.S. Embassy Minister-Counsellor for Economic Affairs

In the letter, Merchant said he put a question mark next to an
inventory listing
for the gold bars because of its questionable origin. He then asked
that tests
be performed to determine if the gold bars represented “gold teeth
fillings and
therefore classifiable as non-monetary gold.”

The Nazis extracted gold fillings from the teeth of death-camp
victims, but the
letter made no mention of where the fillings would have come from.

Steinberg said it was possible that the gold was collected from
victims and
turned into gold bars which were then housed at the Reichsbank.

No other documents have turned up related to the gold bars and whether
were performed on them, he said.

Lynn Nicholas, author of the best-selling book “The Rape of Europa —
Looted Treasures,” said in an interview that it had always been
assumed that
the 8,307 gold bars came from the Reichsbank.

But she said that until the document surfaced there was never a
suggestion that
it came from gold teeth fillings.

“Goebbels had sent the gold bars to Merkers to avoid its being
captured by the
Russians. And he was lucky, Merkers was just inside the U.S. zone of
Goebbels had complained that the shipments of gold, cash and artworks
was not
going fast enough and he was outraged that the German railroad system
closed to
observe Easter Sunday,” she said.

She said the paintings were eventually returned to Berlin and it was
that gold was used to pay reparations.

The British Foreign Office in a report on Tuesday on the fate of the
gold looted
by the Nazis mentioned the Merkers horde as being “the most
spectacular and
substantial.” It said it represented 20 percent of all gold held in

The Foreign Office report estimated that up to $7 billion worth of
looted gold
was in Switzerland by war’s end and that 90 percent of it could still
be in
Swiss banks.

It said Switzerland only returned a fraction of Nazi gold to the
Allies after
the Second World War. REUTER@

{RETURNED the Nazi gold to the Allies? What does that mean? It didn’t
to them. How is it that in Germany the source of all gold is Jewish
dental work?
This story is really stupid. There is something worth noting here.
There has been a
shift in the focus of the Swiss bank shakedown story; The initial
focus was on assets of
Jews deposited in Swiss banks by Jews in order to protect those assets
>from theft by the
Nazis; It appears evidence of fantastic sums having been deposited in
this manner has not
materialized. Now it looks like the focus is on assets that might have
once belonged to
Jews or to Nazis that were deposited in Swiss banks by Nazis to
protect them from theft
by the Allies. The posture that is being assumed here appears to be
that all of Germany’s
wealth was stolen from Jews at some point and can therefore be claimed
by the WJC.}

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Nazi gold hoard may have been from teeth fillings

Source: Reuters