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Infrared, the Now Told Story
Matt Giwer (c) 1994

“Waco: The Untold Story” was shown on Prime Time Live shown
on Thursday, 13 January 1994. During that program there were
three photos quickly flashed on the screen. They were described
as infrared photos taken by the government of three separated hot
spots thus proving the Branch Davidians started the fires.
There are problems with this.
The pictures were not on screen long enough for viewers to
verify there were even hotspots. The pictures did not appear to
have a date/time group on them and as such would certainly not be
admissible as evidence in court. One has to ask upon what
grounds we are to accept these pictures.
The announcement that the fire was started by the people
inside was made from Washington while the fire was still burning;
about one half hour into the fire. This was reported on CNN
overlaying the live shots of the fire. How did Washington know
of the results and analysis of these pictures and prepare a press
release within 30 minutes?
We are also asked to believe there was a plane directly
overhead and taking pictures exactly at the time the unexpected
fire started. Excuse me. The three pictures showing we know not
what were from the same perspective, so it must have been a
The perspective was also from overhead rather from a slant
angle so it was not a circling plane. It would have been a
stroke of blind luck to have that plane exactly overhead at
exactly the right time doing exactly the right thing.
Let us look at a few alternatives. It really was a
helicopter rather than a plane as we were told on Nightline. We
can forgive a TV production crew that gaff.
We are still left with three still photos at exactly the
right moment. Perhaps they are out takes from a film. That we
can not forgive in a TV production crew, showing stills instead
of a film clip.
We note further we have films from every network showing the
first starting in exactly one place with the only question being
how it spread so quickly. The government now purports to tell us
it started in three places at once. It is noted the government
has still show us one thing inconsistant with a the Branch
Davidian statement that the tanks knocked over kerosene lamps.
We know they were using bales of hay to block the windows
from the light and noise at night. We know in that dry part of
the country that any wooden structure goes up like tinder even
without dry hay to help spread the fire.
Now we bring up the second ABC interview with the arson
investigator where he affirmed his first interview of one fire
starting point and added there were at least three, “in fact so
many” before he refused further comment.
There is no scenario putting these facts together save the
story of the fire starting was prepared before the fire started.
The pictures if they show anything are not inconsistant with the
tanks knocking over kerosene lanterns.
We have a more serious problem explaining why pictures would
happen to show three hot spots in the first place. Infrared is
merely heat, the same heat you feel in front of a high wattage
lamp. The only way to get an infrared image would be for the
fires to have been started on the top floors, either second or
third depending upon the part of the structure.
This coincides with the films we have seen of the first
smoke and fire coming from a second story window. I am hard
pressed to understand why people intending to burn themselves
alive would start fires on the second floor. However to show
spots rather than a fire they would have had to burn through the
ceiling of that second floor and started heating the roof itself.
Perhaps only the first and largest was on the second floor.
Perhaps but then those on the first floor would not show up on
infrared as spots. The fire would have to burn through the
ceiling of the first floor, through the ceiling of the second
floor, perhaps the ceiling of the third floor to directly heat
the roof for there to be a hot spot there. Before that would
happen and under the conditions of weather and construction there
would have been fire from at least three windows not just one.
The timing of these fires is extraordinary. Infrared is not
X-rays. The only way to show three hot spots is to have the
undersides of the roofs at those points heating evenly at the
same time. Were there a burn through there would be a bloom on
the picture no one could miss and processing would be required to
show the rest. It is the difference between a few hundred and a
few thousand degrees; a flashlight and a searchlight. It boggles
the mind to believe three widely separated people could possibly
have coordinated their fires such that they would NOT burn
through but equally heat the roof at three distinct places.
There is no evidence of three starting points for the fire
that could possibly corroborate infrared photos of three hot
spots unless … and that unless is that the fires were all
started in rooms on the highest floor of the building. Again,
this does not sound like people trying to burn themselves alive.
Even in the most trivial scenario of self immolation it would be
expected a fire would be started in front of every first floor
door at least and window if possible.
On top of this we have a common agreement by the government
and the Branch Davidians that the stairwells had been collapsed
by the tanks, the only difference of opinion is whether
deliberately or incidentally. Now we have to imagine people
without the help of stairs getting to the highest floors to start
these fires and then staying there or coming back down to await
the fire reaching them.
To my way of thinking, even the most insane people who might
start such a fire would have second thoughts when the heat starts
building up as the actual fire proceeds. We have films of only
one person leaving from a second floor window but that person
appears to be in no hurry about leaving as he jumps down and
slowly walks away.
We have a different problem with those who decided to wait
until the fire burned down to them. The story goes that they
all, including Koresh himself, shot each other in order to
prevent each other from escaping. Here we have at least three
people starting three fires out of maybe 40 armed adults and then
enough more discipline people to kill the others and then
themselves. Schwarzeneggar may be able to do such things but in
reality we are talking no small group capable of pulling off such
a thing. We have to be thinking of at least ten people to kill
the other thirty armed adults to have a chance of one of the ten
being the last standing to kill himself.
Now for all this planning and organization to accomplish
this we are offered three words from Koresh, in writing not tape,
that could apply to anything from a cigarette to a lamp, to
suggest Koresh ordered it all to happen. I would sort of expect
at least one “don’t kill me” to be produced by the government.
And to top it all we must remember Koresh shot himself to prevent
himself from escaping.
The more we learn about this incident the less reasonable it
becomes. When it was first assumed the claimed infrared pictures
were from ground level it was easy to point out that was flat out
impossible based solely upon physics. Now we have a situation
possible in physics but ornery as hell in explaining how
something I would expect Hollywood special effects experts would
have difficulty producing for infrared film without faking it.
I suggest fake is the operative word for these pictures.

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AR> MG> I have no idea what you are talking about. I have said
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AR> MG> Would you like to expand?

AR> You have always had little substance for your
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AR> have manufactured as well. You as a Truth Source
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You mean like the Texas Ranger court testimony that no
illegal weapons were recovered from the ashes? That is one of
the things I have been saying all along. Do you have any other

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