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[email protected] Danny wrote:

>In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Matt Giwer) writes…
>>[email protected] wrote:
>>>In article <[email protected]>, [email protected]
>>>(Matt Giwer) wrote:
>>>> [email protected] wrote:
>>>> >Please learn to use your editor, Mr. Giwer. 163 IQ should make it easy
>>>for you.
>>>> When the messenger to me has used his, I do. When they do not, I
>>>> do not. I note that you have only posted to me.
>>>> What point do you think you are demonstrating by this?
>>>I am demonstrating that you are a rude, insensitive, childish clod. And
>>>demonstrating it quite well, I think.
>>>I edited my post to *you*, Mr. Giwer. You however, quoted the entire post
>>>back. Therefore your “When the messenger to me has used his, I do. When
>>>they do not, I do not” is yet another one of your lies.
>>>Go away, little man. You’re way out of your league here.
>> And none of your fellow holohuggers will disagree with you and
>>thus encourage you.

> That is because she is not wrong here. there is quite a bit of
> disagreement among the people you call holohuggers – you just don’t see
> it or pretend not to see it. I, for example, made it clear to Gord
> Mcfee that he ought to sue you or shut up about it already.

What does an idiot claim that the court will take judicial notice
of a violation of internet etiquette have to do with substantive
matters of holocaust claims?

Mike Stein
> has slapped me on the wrist several times for errors I have made. I
> corrected marty kelley not long ago for an incorrect response he made.
> (to you I believe). I am confident there are dozens of other examples
> out there.

To follow the rule that has been applied to me, quote them or the
do not exist.

> As Sara has said, “go away little man.”

It is only what she dreams her cunt were like.


It is not a question of how many died without gassing rather
the miracle that so many survived with gassing.

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