Giwer, Adam Smith Persecution

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>> How dumb holohuggers can be when they really work hard at it.

> Now how dumb can you get. Giwer thinks the Holocaust dependents
>have to “work hard” at being dumb, when it comes naturally, perhaps
>inately. Of course the ethnocentric indoctrination that leads to their
>mental state is a arduous and life long procedure.

I have to agree on that one. I was raised Roman Catholic and for nearly 15
years I believed that christians were persecuted by the romans before I realized
it was all bullshit.

But I do have to credit the Sisters of Charity for giving me the insight into
the perverted sexual nature of fantasies of sadistic killing. With them it was
the saints, with Jews it is the holocaust.

On similar bullshit the “persecuted” Adam Smith is honored in death even though
he lead an armed revolution in Navoo and died because it failed. The fanatic
whackos retreated to Utah as the fanatic whacko jews retreated to Palestine.

But in the next generation, it was all persecution and true believers in
persecution because they were told so by their parents who can not lie or

A prediction: As there was a scam to create and sell early LDS documents there
will be a scam to create and sell documents supporting gassing of Jews that will
replace the ambiguous documents that exist so far.

If anyone really wants to make some money without a pyramid scheme, fake these
documents and Israel will buy them almost sight unseen. It does not have to be
signed. It does not have to be hand written. The language does not matter. It
only has to meet the standards of Nuremberg, that it is reduced to a paper copy.

It is a scam but what the hell. You can not cheat an honest man or an honest
jew for that matter. But they will pay real money for a good fake even knowing
it is a fake. After all they have presented totally wierd and unrelated data
for years.

For example there is the in”famous” picture of people at Birkenau labeled Jews
being selected. Any asshole can create that caption. Of course there is no
indication where they are, who they are or what their religion is but Jews will
pay good money for a creative caption as long as it supports their beliefs.

It does not differ significantly from the Chrisitian practice of selling
religious relics to all comers. It is unknown how many times the finger of John
the Baptist has been sold, only that the man was all fingers.

Jews will buy into, believe, support anything that is in line with their
codification of WW II.

So really, do not send your money off to the pyramid scam artists. Spend your
time creating captions and pictures to sell to jews. They could care less and
will believe anything. And they will pay for anything.

So scam them.

They are begging for it.


There’s no business like Shoah Business
Like no business I know.
Everything about it is appealing,
Everything that traffic will allow.
No where can you get that happy feeling
Than when you’re stealing

There’s no business like Shoah business
It’s like no business I know
Everything about it is misleading
Everything about it seems a fraud
Can’t you hear the rabbis when they’re pleading
For more donations to their cause

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