Gas generators available, Berg Friedrich

On July 11, 1994, during a continuing discussion (if that is the word
for it) related to the toxidity of diesel exhaust, Friedrich Berg
offered the following tidbit:

As an alternative which they were required, by law, to know was
extremely deadly, the Germans had producer gas generators–18%
to 35% CO–on hundreds of thousands of trucks. Those generators
were extremely dangerous–everyone had to know that because gas
leaks were not only toxic but also highly explosive! When the
engines were shutoff, the generators would keep on generating
until the internal fire could be extinguished. Can anyone
really believe the Germans would have used Diesel exhaust as a
source of CO, when they had 18% to 35% CO? These were
essentially the same people who built the first jet and
rocket-propelled fighter airplanes, the first ballistic
missiles, who also invented the gasoline engine, Diesel engine
and even the automobile. I can’t really believe that Mullins
can be that stupid–but, then again, perhaps he is? (Berg,
Diesel A,B,C’s)

Writing in 1956, Leon Poliakov offers the following information about
the Polish extermination camps – of particular interest is the
material from Wetzel, which directly contradicts Mr. Berg.

(I would like to thank Mr. Berg, by the way, for citing Leon Poliakov
during his discourse on the engines used at the Reinhard extermination
camps. Clearly Mr. Berg considers Poliakov a reliable source, as
indeed he seems to be, and had he not mentioned this work, I would not
have run across the Wetzel report. During the next few months, thanks
to Mr. Berg, I will be offering a substantial number of citations from
Poliakov’s “Harvest of Hate.”)

“Fragmentary information gives us a glimpse into the part played by
the euthanasia technicians in the extermination of the Polish Jews.
But many things still remain obscure. In general, our knowledge of
the history of the Polish camps is incomplete. It seems certain,
however, that according to the original RSHA plan, the Jews of
Europe were to be exterminated, at least in part, in the occupied
territories of the USSR, that ‘Reichskommissariat Ostland’ to which
the first convoys of German Jews were sent at the end of 1941. A
few letters that passed between the ‘Reichskommissariat’
administration in Riga and the ‘Ministry for the Occupied Regions
of the East’ in Berlin give us some exact information on the
matter. We learn from them that after preliminary contacts between
Eichmann and the high officials of this Ministry, the cooperation
of the euthanasia experts was solicited for the establishment on
the spot of the necessary installations. A report by Wetzel, whose
specialty was ‘demographic planning’ in the East, dated October 25,
1941, pointed out that ‘Oberdienstleiter Brack, of the Fu”hrer’s
Chancellery, has agreed to help us build the necessary buildings
and gas machines.’

The machines in question are not at present available in Germany
in sufficient quantity and must be specially built. Brack thiks
that their manufacture in Germany itself would create more
difficulties than if they were made locally. For this reason he
prefers to send his men directly to Riga, particularly his
chemist, Kallmeyer, who will take care of what is needed. I
should like to point out that SS Major Eichmann, a specialist in
Jewish questions in the RSHA, agrees with this procedure.<19>”
(Poliakov, 191)

“The machines in question are not at present available in Germany…”
Perhaps Mr. Berg would like to explain this discrepancy between his
peculiar version of history and the documented reality…

<19> Report sent by Wetzel to the Reich Commissioner for “Ostland”
on “The Solution of the Jewish Question,” Berlin, October 25,
1941. (NO 365)

Work Cited

Berg, Friedrich. UseNet alt.revisionism. “Re: Diesel A, B, C’s and
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Subject: Holocaust Almanac – Berg’s CO Generators: Another Lie
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Nazis, and that they would have been utilized instead of
diesel engines at the Operation Reinhard camps, is utter
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