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I wrote that Dan Gannon was maynard.

He had replied:

> Oh my. So you’re the source of the “Maynard is REALLY Dan Gannon”
> rumor? The above statements are untrue, and you must know it.

Now here is my first source, Alan Batie, the sysop of agora, who had written
to me in 9/6/91:

> I will forward your message to the admin of b-cpu
> (Dan Gannon, [email protected])

Quoted with Alan Batie’s permission and confirmation.

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[email protected] (Robert Barton) writes:
>In article <[email protected]> [email protected] (Ken Mcvay) writes:
>>”Maynard”, by the way, is a phoney name. The man’s name is Dan Gannon.

> Do you have any evidence for this Maynard=Gannon claim?

I do (or did):

I run agora, and because I am a strong supporter of freedom of speech
have bent over backwards accomodating this site because I do not want to
cut off a site just because I disagree with their point of view. This
has caused some hassles with a few individuals who felt otherwise, and
significant soul searching. Providing news feeds is not what agora is
about (and their feed is limited), and I asked them to get a connection
to uunet, as that is what they are for. They suggested a compromise,
which I agreed to, which was that they would keep their stuff in
alt.revisionism, or soc.history.revisionism(.holocaust?).

At this point, however, I grow weary. I know for a fact that Dan Gannon
is Maynard, as at one point he’d installed a phone line here so that he
could get a full feed (there was a misunderstanding over who was going
to provide what sort of a modem on my end, and the line was cancelled
however). During the conversations, he so identified himself, and a
phone line confirmation notice was sent here in the name of Dan Gannon.

I’m tired of this “group”s abuse of netiquette. I’m tired of their
manners and when they won’t even identify themselves and in fact lie
about it, that’s the last straw. As of this point, their connection
to agora is terminated.

Some people believe they have
never met a gay person.
That’s what we get for hiding.

Alan Batie
[email protected]
+1 503 452-0960
45 28 59 N / 122 43 20 W 440′ MSL

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