Gannon Dan Article 1-1995

Since 1991, Banished CPU has been a full service Freedom of Speech BBS.

Now, we’re also a full service INTERNET PROVIDER!

Banished CPU — (503) 232-9202 — telnet

We are the FASTEST, EASIEST Internet access site in the Northwest! We
also give you the most FREEDOM — a rare thing to find these days!

We have a dedicated T1 connection to the Internet that runs at 1.544
million bits per second, connected directly to the Internet Backbone.

Call and download our FREE Windows Internet Kit! Access the World Wide
Web (WWW), Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs), FTP,
Telnet, Gopher, Archie, and more!


7-Day Super Sale! Going On Now!
One Time Only!
From September 24th to September 30th…
Buy 100 hours, get 60 FREE! 160 hours for $60!
Lowest Price Ever! Only $0.375 an Hour!
Regular price 60 cents per hour (1 penny per minute)

Some of the things you can do through Banished CPU with your ordinary
modem software (these do not require our Windows Internet Kit):

You can now connect to the two largest BBS’s in the world (Software
Creations and EXEC-PC) through our Internet link and download all of
their files with Zmodem, *WITHOUT* the long distance phone charges!
Our FTP download system works in the easiest way ever seen! You
simply FTP your files, log off from the FTP site, and hit “D” to do
a batch download of all your files! No more arcane Unix commands or
tedious typing! This convenient setup is unique to Banished CPU.
You can connect to the best FTP sites by hitting a SINGLE KEY, and
the logon process is automated — you don’t need to do anything!
Or connect to the best Multi-User Dungeons, also automatically. FTP
or Telnet anywhere in the world-wide Internet, and get REAL BINARY
CONNECTIONS when you Telnet! What does that mean? It means you can
download files with Zmodem, and other things that are not normally
possible with the Telnet that other Internet providers offer!

Banished CPU supports Freedom of Speech!
28800 bps (26 lines with V.34)………..(503) 232-9202
14400 bps (28 lines with V.32bis)……..(503) 232-6566
9600- bps (29 lines with V.32)………..(503) 232-5783
Access through the Internet: telnet

Media Coverage of Banished CPU:

KOIN National News, KATU News, MTV, CBC (Canadian) Prime Time News…

Magazines and Newspapers:
Wall Street Journal, New York Times, US News & World Report, The
Oregonian, Dallas Morning News, Miami Herald, Boston Globe,
Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Chronicle, NetGuide, PDXS, Eye
Magazine, Jewish Week, id Magazine, Portland Downtowner, Willamette

Journals, Newsletters, Books, etc:
Journal of Historical Review, Smith’s Report, Remarks, IHR Newsletter,
How to Connect (by Chris Shipley), Holocaust Denial (by Kenneth S.
Stern), Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory
(by Deborah Lipstadt), German Federal Archives, Israeli Archives…

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anonymizedand you are allocated an anon id.
Read the help file to prevent this.
Please report any problems, inappropriate use etc. to [email protected].

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