Gannon Dan Article 1-1992

Since Gannon/Maynard mentions the issue of Black people, maybe
it’s time to look at what he posts about them in his BBS. For
instance, in Message #3460, titled “Extensive statistics on the NEGROID
sub-species; myth-shattering data!”, we can find an extremely
long excerpt from a book called “Race and Reality”, which our Nazi
boy obediently typed in; the goal of the book is to prove that
non-Whites are inferior to Whites.

Of course, Gannon has some other interesting views about history
and Nazism as well. In Message #3416 he writes:

“The ‘gist’ of the Nazi movement is not readily labeled as ‘socialsm’,
‘racism’, or anything like that. While it was influenced by many factors,
the main drive behind it seems to me to have been a drive for efficiency,
responsibility, freedom, self-preservation, discipline, and honor.”

It is not surprising to see Nazi boy is not very fond of Jews:

“is it Germany’s fault that nobody could tolerate the Jews any longer and
nobody wanted to allow them into their countries? Whose fault was it?
Surely, it is Politically Correct to believe that all Jews everywhere are
innocent, and that their culture is entirely good and without fault, but
what are the facts? Personally, I think their culture is very sick.”

-Danny Keren.

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