Gannon Dan-1

Dan Gannon, it appears, has rejoined the InterNet as a service
provider. That being the case, it is clearly time to
re-acquaint folks with Mr. Gannon, and his unique approach to

Mr. Gannon, who often refers to his detractors, myself and
Dr. Keren in particular, as liars, or “VILE LITTLE LIARS,” has not
yet learned that those who live in glass houses should not throw

I thought perhaps it might be worthwhile to demonstrate Dan’s long
history of lies and misrepresentations here on UseNet, so that users
might better understand who they are dealing with…

[Warning: 800+ lines follow. Hit “N” now to avoid them]

Lie #1:

On the 20th. of June, 1992, Michel Fingerhut ([email protected])
wrote (in alt.revisionism) that Dan Gannon was “maynard,” the sysop of
b-cpu. Gannon replied “Oh my. So you’re the source of the “Maynard
is REALLY Dan Gannon” rumor? The above statements are untrue, and you
must know it.” This “You are Maynard!” “No, I am not!” thread went on
for months, as old timers here may recall.

As I and others had done over a long period, Michel contacted Alan
Batie, the system administrator for agora – the site providing the
feed for Gannon’s system at the time.

On September 6, 1991, Alan replied: “I will forward your message to
the admin of b-cpu (Dan Gannon, [email protected])”

In late 1993, of course, Gannon switched horses on that particular
issue, perhaps because he realized his denials were no longer tenable,
but the example of his duplicity had been published for all to ponder.

Lie #2:

On the 22nd. of June, 1992, I received an email message from a
Canadian user, who informed me that he had logged into Gannon’s
system, “gained his trust”, as he put it, and chatted with him several
times while on-line.

He followed this note up with a copy of his log, which contained this
interesting insight into Gannon’s paranoia, not to mention his
penchant for lying whenever it suited his purpose.

Gannon, you see, also claimed that he was not “Ralph Winston,” a
“user” who used Gannon’s Waffle system to post neonazi and
anti-Semitic drivel to the net. Back during those days, Gannon
rarely, if ever, posted anything under his own name, although he did
so later on another network (because he had to, of course). Instead,
he hid behind “maynard,” and “ralphw.”

Many of us, comparing writing styles (maynard vs. ralphw) concluded
that Gannon was using both userid’s to post. Gannon denied being
“Ralph Winston,” just as he denied being “maynard.” As we have seen,
Gannon’s denials aren’t worth much…

Here’s a brief cut from the Canadian user’s log (transmission errors
and all):

Maynard breaking in for a chat:

Hi there! How can I help you?

I am looking for Ralph Winston.

Well, hehehe,{ this may be him! (Can’t say because I don’t know who youa are
for sure, you know)

I don’t understand.

Oh, it’s just that if Ralph were only {a USER here, as opposed to the SYSOP,
then they couldn’t confiscate the system.

WxDho would confiscate the system? I don’t understand

==End Log quote==

While this evidence isn’t as damning as that unmasking maynard, it
becomes far more compelling when you add the fact that the user
writing me had also searched through Gannon’s bbs user logs, and found
that no “Ralph Winston” had called the system. That, coupled with the
chat sequence above, and the writing styles, seems pretty clear –
Gannon was lying about Ralph Winston, as he lied about maynard.

“Ralph Winston,” by the way, used to post articles from the IHR
newsletter and the Journal of Historic Review… it seems that the
more things change, the more they stay the same… we get the same
old articles, posted by ‘maynard’ and ‘dgannon,’ now… I guess
Gannon consigned “Ralph Winston” to the dustbin when he
could no longer post from his own machine, and had to use his real
name on GEnie and, later, UseNet, via

Lie #3:

Gannon’s more recent lies (January, 1994) include the publication of
an article from the “Journal of Historical Review,” (Request
holocaust/leuchter leuchter.05 for details), in which it was claimed that
Leuchter had been arrested, without warrant, in Germany. The truth,
detailed in the file leuchter.05, is that a warrant for Fred Leuchter’s
arrest had existed in Germany for over a year. Gannon’s concern over
what he views as “truth” is clearly evident in the reply to his article
(see above), which is archived here. (For Gannon’s post, request
holocaust/ihr JHR.v13n6 from my server.)

Lie #4:

Gannon has claimed, many times during the past two years (writing as
maynard, dgannon, and ralphw) that neither Winston Churchill nor
General Eisenhower wrote anything about the extermination of the Jews,
and therefore asserts that “it didn’t happen.”

Dr. (Danny) Keren has pointed out, more than once, that Gannon is
lying. To back this assertion up, Dr. Keren provides quotations from
both Mr. Churchill’s writing and that of General Eisenhower. He asks
Gannon to respond, but, no surprise, Portland’s Gannon has retreated
into silence. Dr. Keren:

Churchill, in a letter to Foreign Secretary Eden, regarding the
killing of Hungarian Jews at Auschwitz (from Churchill’s book about

There is no doubt that this is probably the greatest and
most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the
world, and it has been done by scientific machinery by nominally
civilized men in the name of a great State and one of the leading
races of Europe.

Excerpted from Eisenhower’s “Crusade in Europe”:

“The same day [April 12, 1945] I saw my first horror camp. It was
near the town of Gotha. I have never felt able to describe my
emotional reactions when I first came face to face with indisputable
evidence of Nazi brutality and ruthless disregard of every shred of
decency. Up to that time I had known about it only generally or
through secondary sources. I am certain, however that I have never
at any other time experienced an equal sense of shock.

I visited every nook and cranny of the camp because I felt it my
duty to be in a position from then on to testify at first hand about
these things in case there ever grew up at home the belief or
assumption that `the stories of Nazi brutality were just
propaganda.’ Some members of the visiting party were unable to
through the ordeal. I not only did so but as soon as I returned to
Patton’s headquarters that evening I sent communications to both
Washington and London, urging the two governments to send instantly
to Germany a random group of newspaper editors and representative
groups from the national legislatures. I felt that the evidence
should be immediately placed before the American and British publics
in a fashion that would leave no room for cynical doubt.”

Lie #5: Mr. Gannon denied, not long ago, that he persistently reposts
duplicated articles to the net. [Readers may recall that this
tactic is specifically recommended by American neo-Nazi Milton
Kleim, in his “tactics” paper.] Yet, on the 15th. of January, 1994, Mr.
Gannon published an 18-part series to the net which was entitled HOLOCAUST
EXPERTS BLASTED TO BITS! The very FIRST article contained in this bloated
exercise in self-delusion was a review, by Mark Weber, entitled CROSSING
SWORDS IN FRANCE…. the very _same_ “CROSSING SWORDS” that Mr. Gannon
published to about eight newsgroups on the THIRTEENTH of January – two days’
earlier! Another stirling example of Gannon’s contempt for the net, and

Newsgroups: soc.history
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Date: 13 Jan 94 06:12:06 GMT

As Mr. Gannon also posted the identical article to many other newsgroups,
those really interested in plumbing the depths of his deceit might wish to
peruse the Banished CPU archives on
for examples.

And, lest we forget, Gannon (1/15/94) reposted, for the third time
in less than two months, his diatribe aimed at Elie Wiesel, which Dan calls
“HATE MONGER WINS NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.” Of course, Dan will continue to assert
that he doesn’t republish articles… but then, that’s his mission in life –
to lie, again and again, and hope you won’t notice.

Lie #6: Gannon misrepresents obscure magazine article, and is caught with
his foot in his mouth…

In an article published to the net on January 30, 1994, Subject: THE WORLD
WAR I JEWISH “HOLOCAUST” HOAX! (Message-ID: <[email protected]>),
Gannon asserts that claims of a WWI Holocaust were made. An alert user,
finding the article cited, published it to the net.

The article says absolutely nothing to support Gannon’s claim, and shows
clearly how the deniers misrepresent material in the hope that few readers,
if any, will be able to check the source and discover the truth.

For Gannon’s article, and the UseNet response, send the command
GET HOLOCAUST/B-CPU LIE.06 to [email protected].

Lie #7: Jamie McCarthy published further information relating to Gannon’s
post (noted above, lie #6), in which Gannon made additional spurious claims:

In the original article, Mr. Gannon continues.

> World War I GASSING claim and the RECURRING 700,000 FIGURE
> ———————————————————-
> On March 8, 1917, the British press claimed the Germans had gassed
>700,000 Serbian civilians.

Unfortunately for Mr. Gannon, my local library has the London Times
on microfilm back to the 18th century.

The Times’ index for March 1917 lists two references under “War,
European, Serbia, Treatment of inhabitants,” on March 7th and 8th.
Were the papers’ headlines splashed with rumors of over half a million
deaths!? Could it be that Mr. Gannon’s source was correct?

Well, in a word, no. Both stories were trifles, buried on page five.
On the day to which Mr. Gannon refers, March 8th, there is only this:

> [from our correspondent.]
> ATHENS, March 5.
> According to information from Salenika, Serbians who have escaped
>from the territory occupied by the Bulgarians draw a sad picture of the
>ill-treatment the Bulgarians inflict on the Serbian population. The
>peasants are made to live in sheds usually used by animals, and all
>cattle, foodstuffs, and other belongings have been taken from them.
> Cold and hunger are the people’s daily lot, and the Bulgarians
>force men and women, even if aged, and all children of more than eight
>years of ago to dig trenches, repair roads, and carry food and munitions
>to the troops. The population thus takes the place of transport
>animals, most of which have died from overwork and lack of food. “The
>same fate,” said one fugitive, “seems to await those we left behind.”

While my sympathies go out to the Serbians, I can’t help noticing that
no mention is made of gassing people to death, of the figure 700,000,
or even, for that matter, of Germans.

For the life of me, I don’t know why Gannon’s sources don’t pick more
interesting and appropriate newspaper articles to misrepresent. For
example, on March 10th there was a short article entitled “How the
Germans Shot Women in Serbia,” a sad tale of three women being killed.
At least _this_ story involved Germans! Why, with no more effort than
his March 8th concoction required, Mr. Gannon could have embellished
the three into three hundred thousand or so.

For those of you keeping score, that’s lie number four. [Editor’s note:
Mr. McCarthy’s count deals only with the lies Gannon included in this
single article, so our counts do not agree. knm]

Mr. Gannon continues:

> Twenty-five years later, this claim was parroted
> in the famous underground _Bund_ report from the Warsaw
> Ghetto, that “the Nazis have already exterminated 700,000
> Polish Jews.”

> This May 25, 1942, _Bund_ report was highly publicized by the
> Allies and is presently considered one of the first warnings of
> the “Holocaust”. (See the April, 1968, issue of _Midstream_,
> published by the World Zionist Organization.)

_Midstream_ is published by the Theodor Herzl Foundation. Number five.

It’s hard to guess what Mr. Gannon will do with this “WORLD WAR I JEWISH
HOLOCAUST HOAX” albatross around his neck. He might ignore it, that’s
true. He might even continue to post it every so often, even though he
knows it’s false. [End of McCarthy quote – Jamie’s entire article is
archived here as pub/orgs/american/oregon/banished-cpu/lie.07, for
those who wish to read it]

Lie #8: In a March, 1994 response to my “10 Questions Dan Gannon
Won’t Answer,” Gannon comments on the use of diesel exhaust in the
gas chamber at Treblinka, and claims:

# SECOND, the “period of time reported” was always UNDER HALF AN HOUR,

To which Dr. Keren responded:

You are lying. It is not “always UNDER HALF AN HOUR”. Here is an
excerpt from the ruling of German courts on the Treblinka death
camp, which is based on testimonies of those present in the gassings:

The killing process itself lasted about 30 to 40 minutes. After that
time the engine was shut and someone went to the doors to listen for
signs of life in the chambers. If no sign of life could be detected,
the command was given to open the trap doors on the outer walls, and
the transfer of the corpses began. On occasion some victims showed
signs of life even after the gassing had been completed. Such people
would be shot on the platform or perhaps on the way to the ditch or the
cremation grill. The shooting was done either by the German squad
leader or by one of the Ukrainian guards.

In the same article, Gannon takes a poke at me:

# I am utterly nauseated at your constant, blatant lying, which
# goes far beyond the mere twisting of my words.

Since Dr. Keren provided the material Gannon was referring to,
his response is fitting:

Hey, stupid, here is a verbatim quote from your article, which proves
I didn’t misquote you. Start reading what you type.

# Although it would be most convenient for the revisionist camp in the
# holocaust controversy to be able to say that mass-murder could not possibly
# have been committed with Diesel exhaust in half an hour, that simply cannot
# be said with total accuracy. It must be conceded that it would have been
# remotely possible to commit the deeds in question with Diesels.

So, it is obvious I didn’t misquote Gannon.

-Danny Keren.

On March 18, 1994, Gannon, working overtime, provides us with Lies 9
through 11, which I have documented in my response to his article,

Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Gannon adds Lie #9 and Lie #10 to LIAR file..
Summary: Gannon makes two claims, both false, regarding information
contained in the Leuchter FAQ and the Ten Questions articles
References: <[email protected]>
Followup-To: alt.revisionism

In article <[email protected]> [email protected] writes:

> McVay, McVay………

> The reason I didn’t respond to this “Holtz-Elliot data” you refer
> to is because it was not mentioned in your “10 questions” (which is
> what I was

Lie #9. Thank you, Dan. See below for proof…

> responding to!), nor in your “Leuchter FAQ” mentioned in question
> #9, or

Lie #10. Thanks again. See below for proof…

> anywhere in any of your documents that I am aware of. Remember,
> you got very

Lie #11. Thanks thrice. See below for proof…

> upset when I started requesting copies of your documents, so I
> don’t have all of them.

You weren’t interested in obtaining documents, but in clogging the net. A
request for over 600 documents isn’t what I’d consider a “request for
documents,” but rather a deliberate attempt to crash the system, and
in the process.

> What report are you talking about? I notice you did not provide a
> citation. You’re really grasping at straws, McVay. What’s the
> matter, are you upset that I have answered your precious “10 questions”?

Given that you haven’t answered them, no, I’m not “upset.” Let me quote,
verbatum, from the “10 Questions” article – i.e. proof that you are lying:

9) You have responded to the question here about the toxidity of
diesel exhaust by attacking the British tests, a valid approach,
but you failed to respond to the Holtz-Elliot data. Since Berg
helped you formulate your “answer,” I found this interesting.

First, of course, is the obvious: You didn’t respond because
neither you, nor Berg, _could_ respond. Instead, you tossed out
a specious remark about suicides and diesel automobiles.

Holtz and Elliot reported data supporting the lethal nature of
diesel exhaust in February of 1941, and provided data (Holtz, J.C.
& Elliott, M.A., “The significance of diesel-exhaust-gas analysis,”
Transactions of the ASME, Vol. 63, pp 97-105, February, 1941.)
showing that lethal levels of gasses would be produced simply by
reducing the fuel-air ratio:

Exhaust gas composition of a diesel engine, running at the correct
fuel-air ratios (% by volume):

O2: 1.5%
CO2: 13.5%
CO: 0.5%

Exhaust gas composition of a diesel engine running at a fuel-air
ratio of 0.094 (% by volume):

O2: 0.3%
CO2: 10.2%
CO: 6.0%
Other: see above

Given that the simple expedient of reducing the intake by covering
it with something as simple as a piece of cardboard will cause any
diesel engine to produce about 60,000 ppm CO, and that the evidence
is clear that the Nazis understood this, do you still maintain that
squeezing people into a chamber and having a 500 BHP engine – like
those used in Treblinka – pump fumes into it, will not be, let’s
say, hazardous to the health of these people? Hell, Dan, even your
OWN sources concede that 4,000 ppm CO is “fatal in exposure of less
than 1 hour,” so I’d like to know what you think a concentration
fifteen times higher would do!

Let me repeat the question, which you apparently didn’t read:

What do you think a concentration of 60,000 PPM would do, Dan?

That’s the _verbatum_ quote from the 10 Questions article, Dan. Here’s a
_verbatum_ quote from the Leuchter FAQ. It proves you have lied once again:

[Leuchter] [Page 18]

Additional information was published to several UseNet newsgroups in
November of 1993, in which [email protected] quotes Holtz (see
Recommended Reading section) and Elliot. A quick scan of the data
clearly shows the difference in oxygen and carbon monoxide levels
found in diesel exhaust under different fuel-air mixture conditions:

Exhaust gas composition of a diesel engine, running at the correct
fuel-air ratios (% by volume):

O2: 1.5%
CO2: 13.5%
CO: 0.5%

Exhaust gas composition of a diesel engine running at a fuel-air
ratio of 0.094 (% by volume):

O2: 0.3%
CO2: 10.2%
CO: 6.0%

The data clearly demonstrates that simply restricting the air intake
of the engine, any diesel engine will produce sufficient CO to be
clearly and rapidly fatal (6% CO represents roughly 60,000 ppm). This
data (Holtz & Elliot) appeared in “Transactions of the ASME” in early
1941, and was probably known to the Nazis.

Mr. Mullins has also published an article to UseNet which deals with
Berg’s “The Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth Within a Myth,” (request
holocaust/ihr JHR.v5n1), and which demonstrates not only how diesel
engines can quickly produce highly toxic levels of gasses, but which
uses Berg’s own references to do so. (Request holocaust/ihr
diesel.001 for the full article.)

{end verbatum quote from Leuchter FAQ, page 18}

So, once again, Dan Gannon publishes lies. Once again, I document those
lies. Note that the FAQ article also cites references to these data, i.e.
diesel.001…. Lie #11, no great surprise. That’s three for three, Dan,
three for three. Perfect record, as usual.

{end article in response to Gannon’s <[email protected]>}

Lie #12:

In article <[email protected]> and about a dozen others,
Portland’s shame, Dan Gannon, writes:



>2. If the “Holocaust” is really “the most documented crime in human
>history”, the fact that the “Holocaust deniers” ask for “proof that the gas
>chambers existed” should pose no problem whatsoever to Mr. Berenbaum. Why
>can’t he produce the requested proof? Where is all of this “documentation”
>he speaks of? If he refers to “eyewitness testimony”, he should know that
>even Shmuel Krakowski — director of archives at Israel’s Yad Vashem
>Holocaust Documentation Center — reports that over 10,000 “eyewitness
>testimonies” to Nazi atrocities have been found to be FALSE at Yad Vashem


>_Not Guilty at Nuremberg: The German Defense Case_.) Many “eyewitness
>accounts” are simply demonstrably false. Just ask Shmuel Krakowski at Yad
>Vashem — they’ve identified over 10,000 such false testimonies! Or read

Spare us the repeated lie, Gannon. Here’s Krakowski’s response to the
claim, which was based upon a newspaper account of an interview with
him… the article containing this letter was originally published on
Oct. 15, 1993 – which was the last time you posted this particular
lie… it will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, of course,
that you didn’t have the balls to respond to the proof of your
prevarication then, either. (Bradley Smith, at least, appears
to have abandoned this patently false claim. Will you now
abandon it, Mr. Gannon?)

Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: More lies from Gannon: the “Krakowski quote”
Date: 15 Oct 1993 22:18:39 GMT
Organization: Brown University Department of Computer Science
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

One of the claims often posted by Gannon on the net is that Shmuel
Krakowski, who used to be the director of the archives at Yad-Vashem
(Holocaust memorial center in Jerusalem), had said that “over half of
the testimonies given to us by Holocaust survivors are inaccurate”
(often, this changes to “over half of the survivors lied to us”,
etc – all in the true spirit of “revisionist scholarship”).

As usual, Gannon and his Fuehrers are lying through their teeth.
As usual, all we have to do is spend a little time to expose their
lies and slanders.

Krakowski was blatantly misquoted in the interview Gannon mentions;
on the same day it appeared in the “Jerusalem Post” (17.8.1986) he
sent an unequivocal protest, which appeared in the letters to the
editor section a few days later (unfortunately I have only a
photocopy of the page in which it appears, and cannot tell it it’s
August 21 1986 or August 22 1986; I’ll check this out soon). The
letter is included below.

I should add that I spoke with Krakowski on the phone about this.
He is rather upset about being misrepresented and slandered by
Nazi propagandists. Unfortunately, he is not alone; other historians
have also been quoted by Holocaust deniers as saying things they
have never said.

To the Editor of the Jerusalem Post

Sir, – I was deeply astonished to read Barbara Amouyal’s front-page
article of August 17, which is based in part on an interview with me.

Many hundreds of the 20,000 testimonies held in our archives were
extensively used in Nazi war criminal trials, contrary to what Amouyal

I told Amouyal that survivors wrote their accounts for the record of
history. I cannot understand why she made of it that survivors wanted
“to be part of history”.

I said there are some – fortunately very few – testimonies, which
proved to be inaccurate. Why did Amouyal make them out to be a large


Shumel Krakowski,
Yad Vashem Archives

[End of Krakowski’s letter, and proof for Lie #12]

Lie #13:

In response to the ten questions put to Gannon for over a year,
he responded in part as follows:


Gannon > Again, you are shooting at another “straw man” argument.
> Contrary to what you say, I have never claimed that
> “humans cannot be killed with the exhaust of diesel engines.”

|Lie #13: “I have never claimed that humans cannot be killed with the|
| exhaust of diesel engines.” |

Poor Nazi Boy obviously never heeded his mother’s injunction not to tell
lies… she undoubtedly explained that it became more and more difficult to
keep track of them, as you heaped lie upon lie. This is clear upon reading
something he wrote last year, when Dan offered his opinion about eyewitness

Gannon >Under the circumstances described by the eyewitnesses, indeed,
>it would keep them alive LONGER, because it would blow more air
>(including a relatively high concentration of OXYGEN, like I
>said previously) and keep them from suffocating to death as soon
>in the small rooms!! THINK ABOUT IT.

In other words, the diesel exhaust would keep them alive, not kill them!

Gannon >Furthermore, the “eyewitnesses” report so many people crammed in
>such a small space, that they would die from using up all
>the oxygen in the air long before a diesel engine could POSSIBLY
>kill them, even under the most carefully controlled circumstances.

In other words, the diesel exhaust would keep them alive, not kill them!

Gannon >A diesel would, in fact, simply keep blowing oxygen into the room,
>and keep them alive longer! THINK ABOUT IT!

In other words, the diesel exhaust would keep them alive, not kill them!

Gannon >I suppose if the wind speed were high enough, you could die from
>the pressure of the wind against you or from flying objects striking
>you. Is that what you’re claiming happened to the “gassed Jews”,
>Mr. Keren????

In other words, the diesel exhaust would keep them alive, not kill them!
(Thus, Lie #13 joins the others, while Gannon continues his favourite
pastime – calling everyone who disagrees a liar…)

Lie #14:
On May 24, 1994, Mr. Gannon published an article regarding the movie
Schindler’s List. The article was published, as is Mr. Gannon’s practice,
without crossposting, to seven or more newsgroups. The Message-ID’s were:
<[email protected]> <[email protected]>
<[email protected]> <[email protected]>
<[email protected]> <[email protected]>
and <[email protected]>. The article was headed:


At the end of the article, Mr. Gannon included the following call for the
banning of the movie:

“The movie generates hatred against Germans, and it should be
possible to BAN it under “HATE LAWS” in Canada, Germany, and
other countries. Join the worldwide campaign to BAN

Lie #14, which appears on all messages originating on Mr. Gannon’s hate
machine, follows the article:

“Banished CPU supports Freedom of Speech!”

No further clarification of this one is really needed – it speaks
volumes standing alone.

Lie #15

Writing in <[email protected]>, on October 21, 1994,
Dan Gannon responded to an accusation that he described a file on
his system as “well-documented, rational, and detailed…” and that
it “…dispels the foundations of the modern racial ‘equalitarian’

Mr. Gannon claimed that _he_ did not describe the file in question as
accused, but rather the user who uploaded the file did so, and he
accused Jamie McCarthy of “putting other people’s words in my mouth.”

He then added: “Needless to say, Jamie, I do not endorse everything
that is said on my BBS. Banished CPU supports Freedom of Speech.
Your repeated attempts to slander me are disgusting, to say the

To which Mr. McCarthy responded, in :

No, Nazi-boy, you’re the one who put the words in your own mouth.
You’ve unambiguously taken responsibility upon yourself to monitor
the descriptions of all your files. Now you want to back out of
your responsibility when it sheds light on your racism. Why am I
not surprised.

Whenever I posted descriptions for the files _I_ uploaded, you were
always right there to put your own little spin on them. For
example, when I typed in the description for a map (a MAP!) as:

Reference map of Germany, Poland, and surrounding areas, marked
with locations of concentration camps and extermination camps.

You oh-so-objectively changed the description to:

Reference map of Germany, Poland, etc., marked with locations of
concentration camps and alleged extermination camps. Severe
back-off from orthodox Holocaust story, but still claims
extermination camps existed.

You did that kind of thing all the time, as I recall. I don’t
think there was a single file I uploaded whose description you
did not change, to be “objective.”

In fact, you yourself stated, on July 31, 1992:

The fact is that I historically have a policy of editing the
descriptions of files on my board in order to make them
objective and descriptive…


By the way, file descriptions are technically my domain, as I’ve
tried to explain before.

In short, Mr. Gannon quite clearly assumes full responsibility for the
file descriptions on his system, and notes that he edits them to
comply with his personal concepts of “objective and descriptive.”

Thus it becomes clear that when Mr. Gannon disclaimed responsibility
for the file description noted at the top of this section, he was
lying, as usual.

Lie #16

In November of 1993, Dan Gannon claimed that Raul Hilberg now
estimates that ONLY 1,003,392 JEWS DIED IN ALL OF EUROPE, FROM ALL
CAUSES, during the period.”

Here is Professor Hilberg’s response:

February 9, 1995

Dear Mr. Harmon,

The number 1,003,392 attributed to me by the revisionists is pure
fabrication. It cannot be found anywhere in my writings you may
quote me on that.

As to any further arguments with these people or refutations of
what they say, my policy is not to engage in conversation with
them, directly or in the media.

Thank you for sending me the texts of the Internet. They do not,
however, surprise me.


(signed) Raul Hilberg

Lie #17
On several occasions, throughout early 1995, Mr. Gannon published
various flavours of a “public notice” to These letters
asserted that Mr. Gannon had been illegally censored from the
Internet by Netcom. (Two of these silly publications are available
from our server – pub/orgs/american/oregon/banished-cpu/LIE.17.

As is usually the case with Mr. Gannon, however, the truth is
somewhat different from his rather peculiar and paranoid version, as
the following letter from Netcom will illustrate beyond a shadow of
a doubt:

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From: [email protected] (Margaret)
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Gannon claims to be illegally cut off
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 1995 17:01:26 -0800 (PST)

The account “Banished CPU” was terminated for repeated violations of
the Terms and Conditions that govern all Netcom accounts. The views of
the account holder, and the content of his posts, were not considered in
this decision. Netcom has many users whose views are controversial, and
we support their right to express them as long as they do not conflict with
the rights of other network users.

Our rules for newsgroup posting are taken from established Usenet
Netiquette; one of these rules prohibits postings that are irrelevant
to the subject of a newsgroup. There are currently over 10,000 Usenet
groups, most with very specific topics. No article is appropriate for more
than a handful of groups.

After repeated warnings, Mr. Gannon agreed to restrict posts on the subject
of revisionist Jewish history to a list of groups we determined was appropriate.
The list was:


When the user posted again to groups outside this list (sci.logic), we
terminated his account, as we would terminate the account of someone
repeatedly sending articles about automobiles to alt.sewing.

Netcom does not agree with censorship, and we are always reluctant to cancel
an account. As a provider, however, we have a responsibility to the
Internet as well as to our users. Each site must pay to store and
download the groups it chooses to carry; an off-topic post is the
equivalent of an fax advertisement sent without the consent of the

Netcom’s written terms clearly state this rule, and also that we do not
forward mail from closed UUCP accounts. Mr. Gannon agreed to our rules when
he acquired an account with Netcom.

I hope this reassures you that Netcom does not practice censorship; if you
have any further doubts or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


As we can see, Gannon is no stranger to prevarication… it is simply
one of the tools of his trade. Other examples of his duplicity exist in
my archives, and elsewhere, and I will add them to this file as time
and energy permit.


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Subject: Banished CPU: Dan Gannon’s – 17 – Lies compiled..
Summary: Seventeen of Dan Gannon’s more blatant lies documented
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Organization: The Nizkor, Vancouver Island, CANADA
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