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Luba fredrick honoured

Dutch honour “Angel of Bergen-Belsen”
AMSTERDAM, April 15 (Reuter) – The Netherlands on Saturday
honoured a former nurse at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
who saved the lives of 46 Jewish children.
Polish-born Luba Fredrick, 78, who now lives in Miami,
Florida, was awarded the silver medal for humanitarian aid.
Fredrick saved the children, whose fathers worked in
Amsterdam’s diamond industry, by concealing them in the nurses’
quarters at the camp and feeding them secretly by night.
Almost all of those she saved were present during an
emotional gathering in Amsterdam’s city council chamber at which
she received the medal from Amsterdam’s deputy mayor.
She said she had been moved by the children’s plight because
she had lost a child of her own: “God saved me because their
mothers were taken away and my child was taken away.”
Fredrick, nicknamed the Angel of Bergen Belsen by those she
saved, was traced to the United States a few years ago by one of
the children, Gerard Lamaker.