Frank D 2, Frank Hans

The Government-General had some problems keeping the lid on the story
of the liquidation of the Jews. If, as the Holocaust deniers say, the
Jews were merely being resettled in Byelorus, it seems that documentation
of this would have served to squelch the rumors of liquidation, and the
fears of the Poles that they would soon be subjected to the same fate.
Yet for some reason the Nazis did not seem to be able to do this….

[SS and Police Leader] Krueger: … The whole action, from a
Polish-Propaganda aspect, has worked very unfavorably against us.
For the Poles say: after the Jews are exterminated, they will try
the same methods with us. First the Poles will be evacuated from
their land, and then they will be liquidated like the Jews.
Unfortunately we are not in a position — and that would be a good
job for our Propaganda men — to issue some explanation to the
Poles which would quiet them down. At least we cannot make a
statement in the form we would prefer. For if a Pole is really
inferior, he will shortly be evicted from this territory and
disappear into a Concentration Camp; but if a Pole appears valuable
for us in this area, he can remain in the territory of the General
Government and receive a house and farm just like those which are
being given to the racial-German settlers….


Source: Office Diaries of Hans Frank, 25 January 1943 (603-612), quoted
in “Holocaust 1939-1945: A Collection of Primary Sources,” selected and
translated by John L. Heineman, p. 143.

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