Frank D 1, Frank Hans

A contemporary document written by a Nazi official speaks of an
order for the extermination of the Jews:

I expect great things from your elasticity, and please don’t come
to me with complaints about contradictions in our economic policy.
For you there is only one order, bring in workers from wherever you
can find them.

Recently they have taken away a non-insignificant portion of our
old, protected Jewish workers. It is clear that the process of
finding workers is made more difficult when, in the middle of this
war-related jobs program, an order comes that all Jews are to be
exterminated. [In German “alle Juden sind der Vernichtung anheim
zu stellen”, literally “All Jews are to be submitted to
extermination.”] The responsibility for this order does not rest
with the administration of the General Government. This order for
extermination of the Jews comes from higher authorities. We must
only reconcile ourselves to its conclusions, and can merely inform
the Federal authorities that the removal of those Jews capable of
working has led to tremendous difficulties. Only recently I
complained to State Secretary Ganzenmueller [top official in the
Federal Transportation Ministry] that a huge building project in
the General Government had come to a standstill, and that I could
prove that this would not have happened had not the many thousands
of Jews who were employed on that project been hauled away. Now an
order has been issued saying that all Jews should be taken off of
armaments work; I hope that this order will be repealed, if it has
not already been repealed, for otherwise I see the situation as
even worse.


Source: Minutes of a Cabinet Meeting, from the Office Diary of Hans
Frank, 9 December 1942 (588-89), quoted in “Holocaust 1939-1945: A
Collection of Primary Sources,” selected and translated by John L.
Heineman, pp. 142-143.

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