Frank 3, Frank Hans

Hans Frank, in a speech to German soldiers, urging them to write
home to their families:

“In all these weeks, they will be thinking of you, saying to
themselves: My God, there he sits in Poland where there are
so many lice and Jews, perhaps he is hungry and cold, perhaps
he is afraid to write.

It would not be a bad idea then to send our dear ones back
home a picture, and tell them: well now, there are not so many
lice and Jews any more, and conditions here in the Government
General [Nazi occupied Poland] have changed and improved
somewhat already. Of course, I could not eliminate all lice
and Jews in only one year’s time. But in the course of time,
and above all, if you help me, this end will be attained”.

Hans Frank, nicknamed “The Butcher of Poland”, was one of the major
Nazi war criminals tried in Nuernberg. In his role as governor of
Nazi occupied Poland, he played a major role in the persecution
and murder of the Poles, the plundering of Poland, and the
extermination of the Polish Jews (more Jews died in Poland than
in any other country – about 2.7 million).

Frank left a “working diary” – a collection of notes, speech texts,
meeting records etc – which consisted of 38 volumes. Some of it
is reproduced as Nuremberg document 2233-PS. The above is quoted
from “Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression” Vol. II, p. 634.

“Hans Frank, the ex-governor-general of Poland, facing capture by the
Americans in Bavaria, had placed a record of Bach’s ‘Saint Matthew Passion’
on the phonograph, cut a deep gash in his left wrist, slashed his throat,
and lain down to die. Consequently he had not destroyed the leatherbound
thirty-six-volume official journal of his administration of Poland. United
States Army doctors snatched Frank from the brink of death; and the
journal,* a record kept by Frank’s staff of his speeches, decisions,
meetings and transactions, became a damning document. [* The journal has
been referred to as Frank’s ‘diary,’ giving the erroneos impression that it
was a personal account.]” (Justice at Nuremberg, by Robert E. Conot. Harper
& Row, New York, 1983. p37.)

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