Frank 2, Frank Hans

“During the course of the war Hitler pursued his second aim, the total
elimination of the Jews. They had lived in Poland, however hopelessly, for
many centuries. They had come to interpret the word Poland (Polen) in its
Hebrew etymology, Polin, `Here ye shall remain.’ Hitler have as high a
priority to elimination of its three and a half million Jews as he gave to
the conquest of the land. Wherever his armies prevailed, the Jews were
among the first victims. The resistance during those bitter war years could
be described as circumvention rather than defiance. The Jews tended their
own sick, devised ingenious forms of ersatz foods, and shared their shabby
clothing and other possessions. Though the death rate edged toward
annihilation, the Jews did not die quickly enough, or in large enough
numbers, to satisfy their tormentors. In April 1942 the Governor General of
Poland, Hans Frank, expressed his frustration: `I wish to state that we
have sentenced two hundred thousand Jews to death by starvation; the fact
that the Jews are not dying from hunger will only serve to speed up
enactments of further anti-Jewish decrees.’ To Frank, `speeding up’ meant
more direct action.” <1>

During his testimony at Nuremberg, Frank addressed his guilt obliquely, in
an apparent attempt to mitigate his personal responsibility by raising the
cloak of universal German guilt.

“To Seidl’s question, `Did you ever participate in the annihilation of Jews?’
Frank responded: `I say yes; and the reason why I say yes is because, having
lived through the five months of this trial, and particularly after having
heard the testimony of the witness Ho”ss, my conscience does not allow me to
throw the responsibility solely on these minor people. I myself have never
installed an extermination camp for Jews, or promoted the existence of such
camps; but if Adolf Hitler personally has laid that dreadful responsibility
on his people, then it is mine, too, for we have fought against Jewry for
years; and we have indulged in the most horrible utterances — my own diary
bears witness against me. Therefore, it is no more than my duty to answer
your question in this connection with `yes.’ A thousand years will pass and
still this guilt of Germany will not have been erased.'”<2>

<1> “THE REDEMPTION OF THE UNWANTED”, Abram L. Sachar (New York: St.
Martin’s/Marek, 1983. p. 49

<2> “JUSTICE AT NUREMBERG”, Robert E. Conot (New York: Harper & Row,
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