Frank 1, Frank Hans

Speech by Frank [Governor of occupied Poland], December 16 1941
[DotH, p. 247]
One way or another — I will tell you quite openly — we must finish off
the Jews. The Fuehrer put it into words once: should united Jewry again
succeed in setting off a world war, then the blood sacrifice shall not be
made only by the peoples driven into war, but then the Jew of Europe will
have met his end….

But what should be done with the Jews? Can you believe that they will be
accommodated in settlements in the Ostland? In Berlin we were told: why are
you making all this trouble? We don’t want them either, not in Ostland nor
in the Reichskommissariat; liquidate them yourselves! Gentlemen, I must ask
you to steel yourselves against all considerations of compassion. We must
destroy the Jews wherever we find them, and wherever it is at all possible,
in order to maintain the whole structure of the Reich…
DotH = Documents on the Holocaust.

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