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Tom Clancy regarding the U.S.S. Liberty in his book “The Sum of All

The key to it, Qati knew, was whether or not the Americans would put
real pressure on the Zionists. They’d never done so. They’d allowed
the Israelis to attack an American warship and kill American
sailors–and forgiven them before the bleeding had stopped, before the
last victim had died. When American military forces had to fight for
every dollar of funds from their own Congress, the same spineless body
of political whores fell over itself giving arms to the Jews.

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Flippy the Snake wrote:
> In 18th Century France before the dawn of the French Revolution the
> nation was controlled by the aristocratic sexual role reversing dandies
> of the ruling classes. These people became so detached from normal
> French society and indulged in lifestyle so removed from the average
> French citizen they had no idea that their decedent lifestyle was about
> to be terminated in an incredible bloodbath. The average French citizen
> at the time was down-trodden, poverty-stricken and had no voice in
> mainstream French society.
> Bring the story forward to 1997 and we will see the remarkable
> similarities between the Hollywood aristocracy of today and the French
> ruling classes of the 18th century. It is apparent that the Hollywood
> ‘Dream Machine’ is filled with nepotism, degenerate lifestyles, sexual
> perversion and incredible substance abuse. At the same time Hollywood
> mogul’s preaches to the American citizenry what is moral and just and is
> eager to point out the error of their ways.
> Ron Eisner of Disney makes $90,000 dollars an hour.
> It would be one thing if Hollywood was filled with talented people but
> it is not. Just look at European cinema or British Television to see how
> fantastically horrible and worthless the Hollywood product is when
> compared to others. Look at the parade of no talents who reap massive
> financial benefit from their lack of ability: Gerry Seinfeld, Rossanne
> Barr, Meg Ryan, Witney Houston, Ron Howard and multitude of other too
> numerous to mention not just in front of the camera but at every level
> of the system.
> Nepotism is the main reason why these people have the jobs they have and
> a sizable portion of the male performers are insatiable homosexuals
> including many who have either a tough-guy or family man public image.
> In a just world a Ben Stiller, Pauley Shore or Penny Marshall would be
> sucking cocks in the bus station for a living if they did not have
> family members to pull the strings for them. Penny Marshall is an
> interesting case. Here is a woman who has spent most of her life playing
> white trash types and then goes on to direct ‘relationship movies’. This
> woman has been a part of the hollywood royalty most of her life but gets
> angry when she is not taken seriously as a director – amazing.
> Apart from the above mention facts, Hollywood more than anything else is
> massive propaganda machine for degenerate thinking. I am no bible nut or
> right winger in fact I consider myself a socialist but when I see
> dysfunctional such as Dennis Rodeman, Ru Paul and Rosanne Barr being
> held up as role models it makes me when to vomit. I have no problem with
> homosexuals, I just do not believe they are the ‘sacred beings of light’
> TV and movies tells us they are every five seconds. If one is to look at
> Mel Brooks movies objectively they equally stand among the worst
> propaganda films of the Third Reich. Brooks is fascinated by
> African-Americas their mannerisms, speech and even sexual organs in a
> very primitive way that is very disturbing. His movies are resplendent
> with phrases such as; Nigger, Mick, Chink etc. and but don’t worry it
> all done in good fun.
> Like I said I am a socialist and I am very aware of the fact that tens
> of millions of people in this country live in desperate circumstances.
> For many the only distraction they have is TV and they do not like what
> they see. Is there any difference between “Let Them Eat Cake” and “Must
> See TV” I think not.

Flippy… I worked in Hollywood for many years, and you probably don’t
know how right you are! If only there were a way to get this message
out to the millions and millions of Americans who sit by the boob tube
every evening while their minds are being raped by morons and

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Subject: Remember the USS Liberty?
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