Five day barrage, Giwer Matt

Note Giwer’s use of the term “five day barrage” with reference to his
own postings.

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[email protected] (Daniel Keren) wrote:

>[email protected] writes:

># You appear to be very confused.

>I am not confused at the least. You wrote that I claimed no
>delousing chambers ever existed. This is a lie, as not only
>didn’t I make such a claim, I also often mention the delousing
>chambers in my article.

>You are a pathological liar. Nothing new here. Probably
>too late to change.

You have refused to consider them in the least in anything you have
claimed about this issue. You might as well have.

You have failed to note that they were not referred to as delousing
chambers in common parlance but as gas chambers, a term idiomatic to the
US and Germany.

And of course you have had nothing substantive to contribute since I did
the five day barrage and you have addressed only the most minor points.

>## also asked you if Dr. Rascher’s letter, about testing combat
>## gases on humans in Dachau, was really about delousing.
># I do not remember such a question but if you will provide a
># translation and a chain of evidence for it, I will render an
># opinion.

>Files with jpeg of letter:

> (page does not exist)
>(if this one fails, try
> )(page does not exist)

>Racher1.jpg, Rascher2.jpg

>Translation of relevant part (courtesy of Mr. Van-Alstine):

Excuse me but which one is the translation? I really do not have all
that much time to play with Nizkor save on my terms.