Finsten on Giwer

Keith Morrison wrote:
>[email protected] wrote:

>> Laura Finsten wrote:

>> >Keith Morrison wrote:
>> >>Richard Schultz wrote:

>> >>> Prince Myshkin ([email protected]) wrote:

>> >>> : The only thing they have not made pubic [sic] yet is the strategy session
>> >>> : they indulged in.

>> >>> Hey! This is a family newsgroup!

>> >>No no no, he was talking about the bones in the pelvis,
>> >>weren’t you, Mr Giwer?

>> >>By the way, figure out how many there are yet?

>> >Or which ones normally fuse, and by what the fusions are complete, on average?
>> >And whether this differs for men and women?

>[blithering deleted]

>I guess he hasn’t. I don’t know about Laura, but I’ll take that as
>an admission of error and subsequent idiocy.

I would say that it qualifies as an admission of error, as well as evidence
that he is unaware (and unwilling to learn about) some aspects of human skeletal
anatomy that are essential for understanding the effects of cremation on the
human skeleton. It also seems to constitute pretty solid evidence that he
is completely uninterested in doing things like answering questions because
that would in fact advance understanding, something he appears to be utterly
lacking interest in. Instead he sees responding to questions with substance
rather than insult as diminishing his control over the direction and scope of
material posted, the only thing he seems to be concerned with.

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