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Gas van in kiev

Wilhelm Findeisen testifies about a gassing in Kiev
[Quoted in “Nazi Mass Murder: A Documentary History of the
Use of Poison Gas”, edited by E. Kogon, H. Langbein, and
A. Rueckerl, Yale University Press, 1993, p. 62]
The gas van was deployed for the first time in Kiev. My job was just
to drive the vehicle. The van was loaded by the local staff. About
forty people were loaded inside. There were men, women, and children.
I was supposed to tell the people they were going to be put to work.
The people were pushed up a short ladder and into the van…

I drove through the town to the antitank ditches. There the doors of
the vehicle were opened. Prisoners had to do this. The bodies were
thrown into the antitank ditches. I am sure that it was in Kiev; I
myself took part in this operation.

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