Finances auschwitz, Allen Andrew

Jamie McCarthy wrote
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> This is typical of “revisionist scholarship,” it would appear.
> When it is shown that your figures are inflated, respond by ignoring
> your opponent and inflate the figures even more.
> Posted/emailed to Mr. Van Alstine and Mr./Ms. Ceacaa. Archived as
> camps/auschwitz/finances-02.

Meanwhile, two other articles of Mr. Van Alstine’s have been archived

All three of these show serious errors in “Ceacaa”‘s argument, and point
up his/her utter and complete failure to do even basic research. And the
second in the series demonstrates “Ceacaa”‘s dishonesty as well. After
having been corrected, and her/his research done for her/him, s/he
continues to emit the same lie.

Any comment, Mr./Ms. “Ceacaa”?

If you would care to comment on these files, I will be happy to append
your commentary to any or all of them.

Posted; emailed to “Ceacaa.”

Jamie McCarthy
[email protected] Director of Operations, The Nizkor Project

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