Felderer, Ditlieb

We invite our visitors to judge Mr. Felderer’s historical objectivity for themselves. The following quotation will be of value:

“All the way back in antiquity the Zionists have peddled their ware, a disease far worse than the leprous plague. In this way they have brought havoc, confusion, butcheries, cruelties and death to millions of innocent people. Wherever they have tread — crime, corruption, perversion and pornography has come. Whoever has aligned himself with them has finally become the victim of their crime and succumbed to their satanism. The Zion-racists continue on to our present dcay to whore their race merchandise, often under the guise of equality, brotherhood and cemocracy. In truth, their form of ‘democracy’ is no other thing but a chronic state of democracy — a rule by incarnated demons.”

(Ditlieb Felderer, Bible Researcher, No. 106: 1979, p. 1)

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