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Louis Farrakhan Shows His True Colors – Working With, Supporting,
and Joining Forces With a Murderous International Terrorist

Louis Farrakhan and an International Terrorist Form a Team

TUNIS, Tunisia – Louis Farrakhan met with and joined forces with well-
known international terrorist and murderer, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
According to reports, in an apparent attempt to help Farrakhan subvert
America, Gaddafi has agreed to spend a billion dollars to fund Farrakhan’s
efforts to fight the United States from the inside.

The official Libyan news agency JANA Thursday quoted Gaddafi in comments
he made after meeting Farrakhan, who visited Libya during the third
week of January 1996. ”Our confrontation with America was like a fight
against a fortress from outside, and today we found a breach to enter
into this fortress and confront it”, Gaddafi was quoted as saying.
JANA also quoted Gaddafi as saying American blacks could set up their
own state within the United States and form the largest black army
in the world. JANA went on to quote Farrakhan as saying he was very
happy with the results of the meeting. Farrakhan was as also quoted
as saying”I have met my brother, Col. Muammar Gadhafi.”

As you may recall, it is well established that Gaddafi trains, supports,
and harbors international terrorists who have been responsible for
some of the most heinous terrorist bombings in history that killed children,
women, and adults. Most recently, Gaddafi has harbored, protected,
and supported the two international terrorists responsible for the
1988 bombing of a Pan Am jetliner over Scotland that killed 270 people.
In 1992, the United Nations imposed sanctions against Libya for refusing
to turn over the two terrorists.

A State Department spokesman said on Friday he was surprised to have
seen no sign that Farrakhan raised the bombing at his meeting with
Gaddafi. Is it possible that to Farrakhan, the murder of innocent children,
women, and adults is ok… if most are white. A White House spokesman
went on to say “It would be better for him (Gaddafi) to use that money
to … do something about the miserable conditions that his people
face as a result of his leadership.”

While in Libya, Farrakhan toured the ruins of Gadhafi’s old home that
was destroyed in a 1986 American air raid in retaliation for Libya’s
involvement in a bombing at a German nightclub that was frequented by
U.S. Marines. While there, Farrakhan wrote in the visitors’ book: ”I
implore God to punish our enemies hundreds of times…” Apparently
Farrakhan means his enemies – Americans.

Is Louis Farrakhan REALLY a leader of middle-class black America?

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