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Christie corrects error

[via email, from Bernie Farber]

In the April edition of the “Western Seperatist Papers”, Doug Christie
claimed that CJC laid a complaint with the CRTC against AM1040-Charles
McLean show. This was of course false. I wrote a curt letter to
Mr. Christie. The following correction appeared in the June/July 1996 issue:

“Mr. Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress has pointed out
a correction, in a recent letter to me. He indicates that in the
April issue of Western Seperate Papers, I said the Canadian Jewish
Congress had made a complaint to the CRTC about Charles Mclean of AM
1040, in Vancouver. Having checked with Mr. McLean, the fact is Mr.
Alan Dutton and Mr. Pearlman complained about the show where Mr. David
Irving and Mr. Bernie Farber of Canadian Jewish Congress spoke.
This correction by Mr. Farber is appreciated.”