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Aryan Brothers and Sisters,
I know its a shameless plug, but I have to say that Nordic Thunder’s
Born to Hate CD is the best rallying cry of the Aryan race’s young out
there today (no breach of netiquette intended). Now on to the question:
Given that America in its beauty, magnitude, energy, strength,
resources, depth, wealth, technology, intellect, glory and freedom is
what “our forefathers discovered, explored, conquered, settled, built and
died for,” do we see violence as our only means of accomplishing our
goals? Is violence the only way to rid our society of the influence of
mud? Is the destruction of what our sires built necessary to reassert
our control over our public and private institutions? Our culture? Is
the mud worth the destruction of anything we’ve built? Is there another
way to drive their influence into the sea?
Race, Blood and Soil!

Angus [email protected]

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