The field of work we’re in involves interaction with a number of unsavory characters: antisemites, racists, racist skinheads, fascists, and so on. As a result, we have to put up with some forms of disagreement which are, shall we say, less than scholarly.

We choose to interpret these as encouraging signs: if our work angers this element, we must be doing something right.

The ‘Wladislaw Nizkor’ Fraud

We confess, folks! This is the funniest tribute to our effectiveness we’ve ever seen!

Don Ellis honours Nizkor

Arkansas resident Don Ellis chose to honour The Nizkor Project with an energetic display of base vulgarity in early 2000.
Up Yours! mailbomb attack.
The interesting thing is that, on March 4th, 1997, Ingrid Rimland accused us of encouraging Up Yours attacks, rather than having been the victim of one.The Matt Giwer “False Light” statements and threats
Mr. Giwer needs no introduction to alt.revisionism users – many of whom have consigned him to the dustbin through the magic of global UNIX newsreader KILL files.Mr. Giwer is no stranger to publishing false accusations – his Internet Service Provider, Netcom, has already been placed on legal notice by one user who tired of the lies. Mr. Giwer’s latest diatribe has resulted in another such notice being sent to Netcom by registered mail.


The Jeff Dranetz E-Mailbombing 
The Nizkor site was targeted for e-mailbombing many years ago. Thanks to our tight security measures, it was little more than a minor annoyance to us. The bomber’s next target, though, might get his or her email access shut down for days or weeks, by a continual flood of unwanted messages. We hope to ensure that this particular mailbomber doesn’t get the chance to do it again.Working with Netcom.com, whose equipment was “hijacked” to make the attack, we determined that it originated from Xensei.com. Xensei has kindly confirmed that the originating account was “jeffd,” which belongs to one Jeff Dranetz.

Mr. Dranetz had actually bragged about his ability to commit exactly the same type of e-mailbombing, roughly twelve hours after Nizkor was hit. And a little while later, he threatened to do the same thing to another user. His account was suspended.


“Zinkor on the Internet” 
Tom Metzger is the leader of a group called White Aryan Resistance, or W.A.R. In a taped phone-in propaganda message, Mr. Metzger calls his followers’ attention to “Zinkor on the Internet.”In reference to those of us who maintain this project, he suggests that his followers “locate them, confront them, and that will be the end of that.”

We are taking this threat seriously, because of Mr. Metzger’s history of violence: he was found liable, in a civil suit, of inciting three skinheads to beat an Ethiopian immigrant to death. As described in the book Hate Crimes:

Moving up behind Seraw, [Mieske] repeatedly struck him in the back of the head with a baseball bat, while Strasser and Brewster kicked all three black men. When it was over … Seraw was pronounced dead on arrival. He had died as a result of a fractured skull.

Metzger’s reaction to the verdict was to promise more violence: “we will put more blood on the streets than you’ve ever seen…”


Quinn Mebesius’ general threat (details not available yet) 
Quinn Mebesius commented on Nizkor’s ftp archives, and asked if anyone else kept of a list of “enemies.” He then wrote, “I mean, I have my own list. And if I ever get frustrated enough, or become terminally ill, I might just visit some of the names on it.” 
Ralph Kreider’s death threat 
The following message was received from an Edmonton, Alberta user: 
“McVay, I don’t like you, you are a poor misguided piece of shit. Remember that what goes around comes around. You I would love to encounter and send straight to hell.” 
AryanGar’s almost unintelligible death threat 
A user by the name of AryanGar posted a rambling diatribe to the Stormfront mailing list, concerning “spies” on that list:

We would have to do what we do know for “cyber cells” send references or get someone to vouch for you. But, If only one of these bastards gets through he could vouch for a few more of his Nitzcor jew/race traitor…should be wiped from the face of this planets buddies…

We can’t quite parse the grammar of that last sentence, but the meaning is clear.


The Bart Alsbrook “Bootboy” Libel 
A particularly encouraging development, as it clearly points to our success at frustrating extremists on the InterNet, was the posting of libelous material concerning Ken McVay, the Director of the Nizkor Project, on a Skinhead web site. After notification that legal action was pending, the offending text was changed from libelous to merely insulting. 
The Zxzhjfitkl [sic] comment 
Just another piece of hate email.