Embattled Bigots: Power Struggle

IHR’s internal politics are as contentious as its “revisionist” theories about the Holocaust are hateful and absurd. Recently, a power struggle within IHR culminated in the ousting of the group’s founder, the longtime anti-Semite Willis Carto. Carto — who has lamented Hitler’s defeat at the hands of the “International Jews” — was ejected as IHR’s leader in September 1993 after the Institute’s editorial staff and board of directors voted to terminate association with him.

A month later, on October 15, Carto unsuccessfully tried physically to “retake” the IHR building and was dragged from the premises by the police as he reportedly screamed, “You’re killing me.” The scuffle then moved into the courtroom, where lawsuits and countersuits have been filed regarding who would head the organization. The victor would not only control IHR, but also a bequest of $10 million in stock share certificates from the late granddaughter of the inventor Thomas Edison. A key figure in the coup against Carto summed up the imbroglio by stating, “I think it’s all about money.”