Embattled Bigots: New Voice of Extremism

The Spotlight — which continues to be overseen by Carto and used as his vehicle for attack — recently announced in an August 1994 issue the debut of a new Holocaust denial publication to compete with The Journal of Historical ReviewThe Barnes Review — named in honor of the late Harry Elmer Barnes, the original revisionist historian of WWI who in his senescence became closely allied with Carto and other Nazi sympathizers — will be assisted by the staff of The Spotlight, according to an editorial by Carto. The proposed topics which Carto announced would be examined in forthcoming issues of the new publication included: “The truth about Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court’s desegregation ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education”; “The Federal Reserve — a bankers’ conspiracy”; “The mixing of the races in history — what are the results?”; and “What happened to the Cro-Magnons and the Neanderthals? Are remnants of these ancient people living in our world today?” Such features appear to confirm allegations made by the rebel staffers against Carto: that Carto intended to replace Holocaust denial articles in The Journal of Historical Review with more overt racist and nationalist propaganda.