Email complaint, Giwer Matt

I emailed this to [email protected]:

I would like to report what I consider to be an abuse by a subscriber to The post attached below appeared on several Usenet newsgroups,
and appears to be a thinly disguised threat of violence aimed at myself,
this is clearly unacceptable behaviour for anyone engaged in a public
forum such as Usenet which is supposed to be for discussion.

There are strong reasons to think that the poster who calls himself
“Danny Li” is in fact a well known and long running poster to Usenet
called Matt Giwer. Giwer has consistently in the past forged posts to
appear as though they were from other well know posters in what seemed
like an attempt to cause confusion and impugn them by making statements
at odds with what they believe.

Whereas I have no interest in trying to deny “Danny Li” his right to
openly state his views on Usenet, it seems that his post has stepped
beyond that into the realms of the unacceptable. And if he continues to
make such threats I will forced to consider whether it is appropriate to
contact the relevant law enforcement agencies regarding his behaviour.

Thankyou for your time,

Dene Bebbington
[email protected]

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Danny Li wrote:
>On Thu, 17 Oct 1996 19:19:59 +0100, Dene Bebbington
>>Mr Giwer, I will be perfectly happy to answer such a question as long as
>>you stop masquerading as other posters by forging email return
>>addresses. I’m not prepared to argue points like this with someone
>>playing pathetic games in an attempt at spreading propoganda and causing
> Yes, we know you are full of shit.
> You did not object when Ken McVay pretended to post from Nizkor when in
>fact he was
>posted from a defense contractor, 1B Systems.
>>Your shoddy antics as evidenced on these newsgroups in itself partially
>>answers your question, since your obfuscatory techniques may lead some
>>unaware lurkers to the mistaken conclusion that the people you are
>>pretending to be actually said what they didn’t. Insidious is a word
>>that describes your games.
>>And another point, don’t dictate to me how I should reply, my answer if
>>I elaborate any further will be on my terms and not yours.
> And, yes, we know you are not capable of answering the mail. And this
>we are the
>revisionists united against holohuggery.
> You attacked. You made it a struggle.
> We are going to bring you down in more than just this little conference.
> Whether or not you know you are dead meat now, it is only a matter of
>time before you
>learn it in fact.