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> Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his memoir _Crusade in Europe_, also
>forgot to mention the “gas chambers.” Why wasn’t the weapon used to
>murder 6 million Jews worthy of a passing reference? Was our future
>president being “insensitive” to Jews?

[see holocaust/eisenhower eisenhower.001 for the first part of this article,
which contains quotes from Crusade in Europe]

And in “Ike the Soldier: As they knew him” (G.P. Putnam and Sons, New
York, 1987) Merle Miller quotes Eisenhower speaking on April 25th 1945
to the members of Congress and Journalists who had been shown
Buchenwald the day before

“You saw only one camp yesterday. There are many others. Your
responsibilities, I believe, extend into a great field, and
informing the people at home of things like these atrocities is one
of them… Nothing is covered up. We have nothing to conceal. The
barbarous treatment these people received in the German
concentration camps is almost unbelievable. I want you to see for
yourself and be spokesmen for the United States.” [pages 774-5]

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