Editorial anemia, Collins Doug


WHAT is the world coming to? In an extensive North Shore News poll on
whether your man Doug should be hung or hanged by the NDP’s Thought
Police, only 7% said Yes.

And the day before the result of the survey was published, the Vancouver
Sun finally got off its fat editorial ass and discovered the threat to
free speech that is Bill 33.

As civil rights lawyer Roger McConchie said, Bill 33 “is intended to
stifle speech that is not criminal.”

But the Sun didn’t want to go too far. Collins’ opinions are indecent, it
suggests. However, the fellow is entitled to a hearing.

They only want me half hanged, but I say to hell with half measures. So
your scribe penned a reply which at this writing had not been published.
It read:

“Thanks for your support on the NDP’s scandalous Bill 33. Sort of.

“The legislation is bad, you say. However, Collins’ opinions ‘are often
deeply repugnant, offensive and disgusting.’

“It’s a funny thing, but that’s exactly what I think about your opinions.

“I find it offensive that you should have nothing critical to say about an
immigration policy that is destroying what used to be known as English
Canada and in a few years’ time will metamorphize this country into
another Lebanon, or worse.

“I find it deeply repugnant that you should support abortion on demand,
bubble zones, and any phoney sob-story put out by bogus refugees.

“I find it disgusting that you should push homosexuality, homosexual
‘rights,’ and other aspects of such physical and moral perversion.

“I find it offensive that you can be so hypocritical. You have supported
the federal ‘hate laws.’ Now, Janus-like, you condemn the NDP’s Bill 33,
which is a natural extension of those laws.

“It was your politically correct views that helped to create an atmosphere
in which the NDP thought it was safe enough to go after dissidents with
legislation like Bill 33, plus those other clamps on freedom of
expression, Bills 28 and 32.

“As you know, those bills favor political parties in advertising and give
the Human Rights Gestapo the right to invade business offices looking for
“evidence.” They also enable the Thought Police to make complaints on
behalf of people who have made no complaints. Big Brother, indeed!

“I used to write a column for the Sun. My opinions then were the same as
they are now and the publisher of that day, Stu Keate, thought I was the
greatest thing since sliced bread. But that was before the blight of
political correctness descended on the land like the locusts of Ancient

“Disgustingly yours …”.

If the Sun managers doubt what I say about the days before the place went
wimp, it need only look up the hundreds of columns I wrote for it and
consult the reports on the commie, loony and other demonstrations against
me that took place outside the Pacific Press castle on Granville Street.

Now it has itself joined the demonstrators because the castle has been
captured by the New Puritanism, as have most of the mainstream media.

The Sun’s editorial pages are controlled by Patricia Graham, a dedicated
feminist who was parachuted in from the legal profession, Southams being
keen to show they are nice guys.

But as a friend of mine says, “Never send a woman to do a man’s job!”

There now, sweetheart, ain’t that really disgusting?

Stuffed with syrup, the Sun became the “fisher” paper, actresses became
“actors,” and chairmen became a piece of furniture.

The Sun is so pathetically eager to curry favor with the ethnics that on
Mondays its editorial page is decorated with Chinese writing. I can’t wait
for Punjabi, Farsi and Somali to make it.

Abandon hope, all ye who read the Sun. You might as well expect Glen Clark
to become a Reformer as to imagine that the largest newspaper in the West
will change for the better.

It has long suffered from incurable editorial anemia and is afraid to say
anything that professors, pokenoses and parasites might object to.

But if the survey on Collins is correct, such people total only 7% of the


What sort of truth is it that needs protection? – Auberon Waugh *
The London Daily Telegraph, May 9, 1992 *

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