Edeiken yale Att, Giwer Matt

Dear Sirs:

I am writing this letter to put you on notice of the
fact that a recent subscriber to your service, Matthew
Giwer, who posts under the address of
[email protected], has been requested not send any
e-mail to my address.

The circumstances of this prohibition is as follows.
Mr. Giwer is a virulent anti-Semite who frequently displays
his bigotry on a newsgroup Alt.revisionism. He had a
practicce of sending his anti-Semitic communications to
various people, including myself. Although requested not to
make such communciations he continued to do so. A complaint
was made to his former provider at [email protected] after
Mr. Giwer made an obscene reply to those requests. That
reply is attached to this e-mail.

As a result of this complaint, netcom.com informed
me that Mr. Giwer had been informed that any further e-mail
to me would constitute a violation of his agreement and his
service would be terminated.

At the same time complaints were lodged against Mr.
Giwer for extortionate threats he had made to an non-profit
group that operates a web-site called Nizkor; the fact that
he mailbombed Nizkor after they refused to comply with his
threats, and several death threats that he made on
Alt.revisionism. Should you wish confirmation of this
behavior, archived material can be found at either of the
following locations:


Please note that, given his past behavior, I will
consider any further e-mail from this individual a direct
invasion of my privacy and take whatever legal steps
neccessary to enforce my rights. Please note as well that,
since he has been a subscriber to your servce, Mr. Giwer’s
posts to Alt.revisionism have included matter that is
actionable both as defamation and, pursuant to the
Restatement of Torts, 2nd, an invasion of privacy.

This e-mail has, at the direction of netcom.com,
been forwarded to Mr. Giwer so that he is aware of its

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
send me e-mail or contact me directly at this address:

Yale F. Edeiken
918 N. Bayard Street
Allentown PA 18104

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

–Yale F. Edeiken
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Attached to this e-mail are eight posts which
appeared in a newsgroup, alt.revisionism, under my name. I
wrote none of these posts which were forged by an
att-worldnet user in Tampa, Florida. At the same time these
forgeries appeared many (over 100) such forgeries emanated
from the same source using the names of Ken McVay, Gordon
McFee, Daniel Keren, Keith Morrison, John Morris, and
“Nizkor” (a web site with which all victims of these
forgeries are associated in some form). Many of these
messages are anti-Semitic or defamatory in content; all are
misrepresentations. All are an invasion of privacy of the

It is fairly obvious that the forgeries were the
work of Matthew Giwer of Tampa, Florida. Mr. Giwer is
well-known as a “rogue” whose announced intention is to
disrupt this newsgroup. In the past you have received
numerous complaints — several from me — about Mr. Giwer’s
conduct which has rangd from violations of internet
practices such as spamming and mail-bombing to outright
criminal acts such as death threats, extortion, and criminal

To date you have taken no action to prevent the use
of your service. Indeed, you have not even bothered to
acknowledge that such complaints have been received. As
such I believe that worldnet.att bears a significant amount
of responsibililty for these improper activities.

I will be telephoning your office on October 17,
1996. At that time we will discuss the remedial action that
worldnet.att will take in this matter. Such action will
include, at a minimum, a public statement from worldnet.att
and Mr. Giwer apologizing for the invasion of our privacy
and the action you will take to insure that the services
archiving newsgroups — including inter alia “Dejanews” and
“Alta Vista” — are not archiving these forgeries as the
writings, opinions, or statements of individuals whose names
have been forged. I would also be willing to discuss any
additional steps you are going to take to remedy this

I hope that this situation can be remedied promptly
and to the satisfaction of those whose privacy has been

–Yale F. Edeiken ([email protected])
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