Durden 10q, Durden Tyler

Question One

On January 4, 2002, you claimed that “Millions of people DO NOT
know that Canadian salt has a religious tax imposed by rabbis.”<1>
Two days later, you reiterated your charge by claiming that,
“COR is a religion-imposed tax.”<2>

Please provide evidence that such a tax exists, and that it has
been “imposed by rabbis.”

Question Two

One of your opponents, upon reading your charge that kosher
certification had been “imposed” upon manufacturers, asked you
to “explain the ‘imposed’ part” and concluded with these

“They literally force an unwilling company to become Kosher?
How do they manage this? Guns? Lawsuits? Black magic?”

Your response was to charge that: “The holocaust has given
carte blanche to any jewish group that wants to terrorize anyone
that opposes their interests. If a company was unwilling to allow
inspection I’m sure it would be labelled as anti-semitic. In this
politically absurd world that is the kiss of death.”<3>

Please provide evidence of ANY instance where ANY company has
been “terrorized” into adopting Kosher certification, or labelled
as antisemitic because they were “unwilling to allow inspection.”

Question Three

On January 7, you wrote (of me), “You are already a self
acknowledged zionist and racist and a Catholic hater since
you blame Hitler on Catholicism.”<4>

Please provide evidence that I “hate Catholics,” or that I
“blame Hitler on Catholicism.”

Question Four

On January 10, 2002, you accused me of being, “anti-democratic
and a mudracking liar.”<5>

Please provide evidence that I am either “anti-democratic,”
or a liar.

Question Five

On January 11, 2002, you included the following statement in
an article about kosher certification:

“As hinted by Benjamin Franklin, this action is that of
economic vampirism.”<6>

In the context of your article, it is clear that the reference
to Mr. Franklin was an attempt to associate him with
antisemitic beliefs.

In view of the fact that this appears to be a reference to a
forged quotation which appears online on “Radio Islam”<7> and
other antisemitic, neo-nazi websites, and the book
“They Never Said It,” by Boller & George<8> reveals this fact,
can you explain why you misrepresented Franklin?


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